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In a well-fed human eating a Western diet, the richest source of stored chemical energy in the body is

A) glycogen in muscle cells.
B) protein in muscle cells.
C) fat in adipose tissue.
D) calcium phosphate in bone.
E) glucose in the blood.

fat in adipose tissue.

Animals that migrate great distances would obtain the greatest energetic benefit of storing chemical energy as

A) carbohydrates.
B) fats.
C) amino acids.
D) minerals.
E) proteins.


Certain nutrients are considered "essential" in the diets of some animals because

A) the nutrients are subunits of important polymers.
B) these animals are not able to synthesize these nutrients.
C) the nutrients are necessary coenzymes.
D) only certain foods contain them.
E) only those animals use those nutrients.

these animals are not able to synthesize these nutrients

To maintain adequate nutrition, animals require dietary access to certain amino acids. An amino acid that is referred to as "nonessential" would be best described as one that

A) is not readily absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract.
B) must be ingested in the diet.
C) is not used by the animal in biosynthesis.
D) can be made by the animal's body from other substances.
E) is not found in many proteins

can be made by the animal's body from other substances.

Which pair correctly associates a physiological process with the appropriate vitamin?

A) protection of skin from cancer and vitamin E
B) synthesis of cell membranes and vitamin D
C) blood clotting and vitamin C
D) production of white blood cells and vitamin K
E) normal vision and vitamin A

normal vision and vitamin A

The fat-soluble vitamins include

A) vitamin C.
B) vitamin B12.
C) calcium.
D) vitamin A.

vitamin A.

Which pair correctly associates a biochemical process with the appropriate mineral associated with its use in animals?

A) glucose homeostasis and iodine
B) nucleic acid synthesis and sulfur
C) thyroid hormone synthesis and iron
D) maintenance of bone and calcium
E) cofactor in enzymes that make ATP and magnesium

maintenance of bone and calcium

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