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Government Test Questions

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Much of the Declaration of Independence consists of what?
Complaints of the wrongs done to the Colonists
The government set up by the Articles of Confederation. . .?
Only a legislative branch, consisting of a bicameral congress
Which was an achievement of the second continental congress
Raising an American Army
The Federalist was written to do what?
Win support for the Constitution in New York
The relationship among the states during the critical period can be best compared to. . .?
Children squabbling at a playground
One major difference between the royal and Proprietary colonies on the one hand, and the charter colonies. . .?
in the Charter colonies, the governors were elected, not appointed
What characteristic of a state did the English colonies did not have?
Which of the following basic concepts of govt did the Magna Carta reflect?
Limited Government
The idea that the people have the right to abolish an abusive and unresponsive government was First from the?
Declaration of Independence
Ben Franklin's attitude toward the new Constitution may be summarized a a combination of what?
Astonishment and Optimism
The power granted to the Central government under the Second Continental Congress compared with those of the Confederation were what?
Basically the Same
From the formation of the New England Confederation to that of the Second Continental Congress, the cold and others were what?
Better Organized and more Defiant
"The Federalist" can be called a Campaign Document because it. . .?
Was Written