25 terms

Excel Project 1

The four major parts of Excel
Workbooks and worksheets, Charts, Tables, Web Support
The _____ box displays the active cell reference
Excel opens a new workbook with _____ worksheets
A _____ is the basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter data
In Excel, any set of characters containing a letter, hyphen (as in a telephone number), or space is considered _____.
Merge and Center
To create a single cell and center the text you could use what command (button)?
Excel automatically positions text _____ in a cell
Excel automatically positions numbers _____ in a cell.
Accounting number
The _____ format causes the cells to display with two decimal places so that decimal places in cells below align vertically
Book 1
_____ is the title of the blank workbook that opens when you first start Excel
Mode Indicators
_____, such as Ready and Enter, appear on the status bar and specify the current mode of Excel
Home Tab
The _____, also called the primary tab, contains groups with the more frequently used commands
Enhanced Screen Tip
A(n) _____ is an on-screen note that provides the name of the command, available keyboard shortcuts, a description of the command, and sometimes Help instructions about the command.
Quick Access Toolbar
The _____ provides easy access to frequently used commands
The _____ style causes the cells to display with two decimal places and commas as thousands separators.
A(n) _____ is a collection of cell styles and other styles that have common characteristics
A chart is _____ when it is drawn on the same worksheet as the data.
Excel offers _____ chart types
With the range to chart selected, click the Column button on the _____ tab.
Shortcut menu
A _____, which appears when you right-click an object, is a list of frequently used commands that relate to the right-clicked object.
Changing the font type, changing the font style to bold, increasing the font size, and changing the font color is _____.
ESC key
Press the _____ to cancel entry before entering it into a cell.
To delete an embedded chart, click the chart to select it, and press the _____.
A _____ can contain the following characters: 0123456789+-(),/.$%Ee. Any other keyboard characters (including spaces) is interpreted as text.
File names can have a maximum of _____ characters, but cannot contain a colon, question mark, greater than symbol, less than symbol, backslash, slash, asterick, quotation mark, or vertical bar