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CME B1-L5 - Chinese Made Easier Book 1 Lesson 5

All the New Vocabulary characters (生词) from Lesson 5, Book 1 of "Chinese Made Easier", second edition. Plus some terms and sentences from my teachers to enhance the subject. The exact definition from the book is listed first then I added *** to separate other definitions that you may use over time.
【hěn】 [ADVERB] - very;*** quite; awfully.
【máng】 [STATIVE VERB] - busy; *** fully occupied; hurry; hasten; make haste.
【lèi】 [STATIVE VERB] - tired; tiring; *** fatigued; weary; tire; strain; wear out; work hard; toil.
【wèishénme】 [QUESTION WORD / [MOVABLE ADVERB] - why?; *** why (or how) is it that.
【yīnwei】 [MOVABLE ADVERB] - because; *** for; on account of.
【shì】 [NOUN] - matter; Item of business; {Measure; 件【jiàn】} *** affair; thing; business; trouble; accident; job; work; responsibility; involvement; wait upon; serve; be engaged in.
【shìqing】 [NOUN] - matter; Item of business; {Measure; 件【jiàn】} *** affair; thing; business.
【yǒushì】 [VERB-OBJECT] - have matters needing attending to; to be occupied or busy.
【yǒushìqing】 [VERB-OBJECT] - have matters needing attending to; to be occupied or busy.
【yīnggāi】 [ADVERB] - should; ought to; *** must.
【gāi】 [ADVERB] - ought to; should; *** be somebody's turn to do something; deserve; most likely; probably; ought to; should; owe; this; that; the said; the above-mentioned.
【xiūxī】 [ACTION VERB] - have (or take) a rest; to rest.
【yīhuìr】 [NUMBER+MEASURE] - a little while; a moment; *** presently; now...now...; one moment...the next....
【yīxià】 [NUMBER+MEASURE] - a little while; a moment; *** one time; once; in a short while; all at once; all of a sudden.
【bié】 [AUXILLARY VERB] - don't; *** leave; part; other; another; difference; distinction; differentiate; distinguish; fasten with a pin or clip; stick in.
【tài】 [ADVERB] - excessively; too; *** highest; greatest; remotest; more or most senior; <adv.> ; over<adv.> extremely; <adv.> very.
【hǎo】 [STATIVE VERB] - good; well; *** fine; nice; friendly; kind; be in good health; get well; be easy; is easy to answer; so as to; so that.
【zhīdào】 [ACTION VERB] - to know; to know of; (usually regarding facts); *** realize; be aware of.
【yīfu】 [NOUN] - clothing; clothes. {Measure; 件【jiàn】}
【piàoliàng】 [STATIVE VERB] - pretty; attractive; Beautiful; *** handsome; good-looking; remarkable; brilliant; splendid.
哪里 (哪里)
【nǎli】or 【nǎli nǎli】[EXPRESSION] - Not at all!
【Zhōngguó】 [PLACE WORD] - China; *** People's Republic of; <domain> .cn; <abbr> CHN; <tel> +86.
【zhōngguórén】 [NOUN] - Chinese person; Chinese people.
【dōu】 [ADVERB] - all; both
【dōu bù】 [ADVERB] - none (of).
【bù-dōu】[ADVERB] - not all (of).
【jiàn】 [MEASURE] - (Measure for clothing and business matters); *** letter; document; correspondence; paper.
【rènshi】 [ACTION VERB] - to know; to be acquainted with (someone); recognize (someone); *** understand; understanding; knowledge; cognition.
【péngyǒu】 [NOUN] - friend; *** boy friend or girl friend. {Measure; 个【gè】or 位【wèi】}
【wèi】 [MEASURE] - (Polite measure for people); place; location; position; throne; <math.> place; figure; digit; <measure> (for person).
【qù】 [ACTION VERB] - to go (to); *** leave; remove; get ride of; be apart from; of last year; <dialect> very; extremely; <dialect> play the part (or role) of.
【jiā】 [PLACE WORD] - home; *** family; household; a person or family engaged in certain trade; a specialist in a certain field; a school or thought; school; domestic; tame.
【dànshì】 [CONJUNCTION] - but; however; *** yet; still; nevertheless.
【kěshì】 [CONJUNCTION] - but; however; *** ; yet.
【fāngbiàn】 [STATIVE VERB] - convenient; *** <informal> go to the lavatory; <humble> have money to spare or lend.
【máfan】 [STATIVE VERB] - Bothersome; troublesome; [ACTION VERB] - to trouble; to annoy; to bother.
【rènde】 [ACTION VERB] - to know; to be acquainted with (someone); recognize (someone); *** know; recognize.
你为什么很累? ---- 因为我很忙。
Nǐ Wèi Shén Me Hěn Lèi? ---- Yīn Wèi Wǒ Hěn Mánɡ。 ---- Why are you so tired? ---- Because I'm so busy.
你应该多休息,别太累,太累不好。---- 我知道,可是事情很多。
Nǐ Yīnɡ Gāi Duō Xiū Xi,Bié Tài Lèi,Tài Lèi Bù Hǎo。 ---- Wǒ Zhī Dào,Kě Shì Shì Qínɡ Hěn Duō。 You should rest more. Don't get too tired. It's not good for you. ---- I know, but there are many matters to take care of.
Wǒ Zhī Dào Nǐ Rèn Shí Wánɡ Lǎo Shī De Pénɡ You。 I think you know teacher Wang's friend.
他的朋友我不都认识。 他的朋友我都认识。 她的朋友不都不认识。
Tā De Pénɡ You Wǒ Bù Dōu Rèn Shí。 Tā De Pénɡ You Wǒ Dōu Rèn Shí。 Tā De Pénɡ You Bù Dōu Bú Rèn Shí。 I don't know all of his friends. I know all of his friends. Not all of her friends I don't know. (I know some of her friends.)
我们都没有粉笔。 我们不都有杯子。
Wǒ Men Dōu Méi Yǒu Fén Bǐ。 Wǒ Men Bù Dōu Yǒu Bēi Zi。 We don't all have chalk. Not all of us have a cup.
你的衣服很漂亮! 哪里哪里。
Nǐ De Yī Fu Hěn Piào Liɑnɡ! Nǎ Lǐ Nǎ Lǐ。 Your clothes are so attractive/beautiful. ---- No, not at all! (I'm flattered).
等一下 / 等一会儿 / 休息一下 / 休息一会儿。
Děnɡ Yí Xià / Děnɡ Yí Huì ér / Xiū Xi Yí Xià / Xiū Xi Yí Huìr。 A minute(second) / A few mins / Rest a little while / Rest a few minutes (Take a break).
Wǒ Bù Xiǎnɡ Qù Tā Jia。 I don't want to go to his home.
去他家不方便 / 去他家很麻烦。
Qù Tā Jiā Bù Fānɡ Biàn / Qù Tā Jiā Hěn Má Fɑn。 It's not convenient to go to his house(home) / It's very inconvenient to go to his house.