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  1. inoculation
  2. monsoons
  3. metallurgy
  4. Sanskrit
  5. reincarnation
  1. a injecting a person with a small dose of a virus to help him or her build up defenses to a disease
  2. b seasonal wind patterns that cause wet and dry seasons
  3. c the most important language of ancient India
  4. d the science of working with metals
  5. e the process of rebirth

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  1. avoidance of violent actions
  2. the largest religion in India today
  3. going without food
  4. divided Indian society into groups based on a person's birth, wealth, or occupation
  5. the study of stars and planets

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  1. missionariespeople who work to spread their religious beliefs


  2. Candra Gupta IImilitary leader and founder of Mauryan Empire


  3. Janismthe largest religion in India today


  4. Buddhisma religion based on the teachings of the Buddha


  5. subcontinentseasonal wind patterns that cause wet and dry seasons