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Biological aspects of personality

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Your intelligence is affected by your ethnic background
Natural selection
Theory of Charles Darwin. Says that the bigger, stronger and faster will adapt and survive.
Evolutionary personality
David Busset, The theory that states that we can trace individual behavior to evolutionary history; that ancestry influences us is known as BLANK theory.
Behavioral Genomics
this is the study of how one's genes affect one's behavior (temper and talkativness)
Tabula Rasa
This theory is of John Locke and ti states that our minds are a clean slate at birth. The environment is everything.
The stable individual characteristics in your emotions define your BLANK. also referred to as the in-born disposition.
Hans Eysenck
This researcher believed that introverts had greater internal arousal and therefore sought out less external stimulation than extroverts. Had four aspects of temperment.
Eysenck's four aspects of temperment
(SEAA) Sociobility, emotionability, agression (impulsivity), activity.
This researche studied sensation seeking.
Sensation seeking
Zuckerman's studies state that BLANK can be narrowed down to neurotransmitter levels of dopamine.
Minnesota Twin
The BLANK study was approx. 50 years ago, studied twins separated at birth. Donahue?
Franz Joseph Gall created BLANK studying the valleys and hills on a skull and their connection to personality and temperment.
Sir Frances Galton
This researcher studied eugenics. He claimed that a family with bad genes should be sterilized and people with good genes should have more children.
personality toxicology
This studies how the environment influences personality (influence of substances: environmental toxins, diseases, alzheimers change personality) Hat makers and mercury.
Van gogh had this disease where he suffered from auditory disturbances and dizzyness.
Why bad kids become good. plants move toward light. The tendancy to seek out specific types of environments.
Literally means body types. endomorph, mesomorph, ectomorph.
This researcher said somotypes influenced personality.
Cinderella effect
This theory says that people tend to treat their biological kids better than adopted or step kids.
Social Darwinism
Societies naturally compete. The idea that societies and culture naturally compete for survival of the fittest. Ppl came to the America's and civilized the "savages" Morally unjust.