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Lesson 6.3 Practice Quiz

Jesus passed out on the cross and in the tomb He was resuscitated is the ___ theory.
Everyone who "saw Jesus" after His death were hallucinating is the ___ theory.
Jesus' body was stolen is the ___ theory.
Someone who looked like Jesus pretended to be Him on the cross is the ___ theory.
the hallucination theory
How to refute ___: the disciples all doubted the resurrection at first
the impersonation theory
How to refute ___: it would be impossible to fake Jesus' wounds
the swoon theory
How to refute ___: Jesus would have to roll the stone away, fight the Roman guards and then walk to town
the theft theory
How to refute ___: the burial clothes would not be neatly folded
3 pm
What time did Jesus die?
What time did the darkness begin as Jesus' hung on the cross?
How many pounds of spices did Nicodemus buy?
He is not here; He is risen!
At the tomb, what was the angel's announcement?
Who was first to heard the new that Jesus is not here; He is risen?
the gardener
Who did Mary think Jesus was at the tomb?
wealthy, honorable
What kind of man was Joseph of Arimathea?
His wrath
What part of God did Jesus' death satisfy?
What expensive spice did Nicodemus buy to use for Jesus' burial?
Jesus' death was a ___ thing for us.
it completely satisfied God's wrath
Why was Jesus' death a good thing for us?
Mary Magdalene
Who started the rumor that Jesus' body was stolen from the tomb?
Which disciple was the last to believe in Jesus' resurrection?
neatly folded
How were Jesus' burial cloths left in His tomb after He rose from the grave?
Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea
Who were the 2 secret disciples who became public after Jesus death?
Jesus' bravery
What about Jesus' death caused Nicodemus and Joseph to be shamed out of their cowardice and feat?
Peter and John
What 2 disciples ran to the empty tomb?