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Astrology Signs II

What are the glyph, anatomy phrase and keyword for each sign.
Glyph: Ram's horns
Anatomy: Rules the head, face, brain and upper teeth
Keyword: activity
I am
Glyph: Bulls head and horns
Anatomy: Throat, neck, ears, vocal chords, thyroid, tongue, mouth, tonsils and lower teeth.
Keyword: Stability
I have
Glyph: Roman numeral 2
Anatomy: lungs, collarbone, hands, arms, shoulders and nervous system
Keyword: Versatility
I think
Glyph: Crabs claws
Anatomy: breast, stomach and upper lobes of liver
Keyword: Devotion
I feel
Glyph: Lions tail
Anatomy: heart, sides, upper back
Keyword: Magnetism
I will
Glyph: Spelling of greek word for virgin
Anatomy: Intestines, liver, pancreas, gale bladder, lower plexus and upper bowel
Keyword: practicality
I analyze
Glyph: The scales
Anatomy: Kidneys, lower back, adrenal glands, appendix
Keyword: Harmony
I balance
Glyph: Scorpions tail and its sting
Anatomy: The genitals, bladder, rectum, reproductive organs
Keyword: Intensity
I desire
Glyph: Archers arrow
Anatomy: hips, thighs, upper leg
Keyword: Visualization
I understand
Glyph: Sea goat horn and tail
Anatomy: Knees and lower leg
Keyword: Ambition
I use
Glyph: Waves of water or electricity
Anatomy: The ankles
Keyword: Imagination
I know
Glyph: Two fish tied together
Anatomy: the feet
Keyword: understanding
I believe