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What type of cells do protist have?
Why are protist considered the most diverse kingdom?
can be autotrophic and/or heterotrophic
can be unicellular and/or multicellular
Protist can be grouped into three general types...
1. animal-like
2. plant-like
3. fungus-like
animal-like protists are called...
How are protozoans classified?
by the way them move
How do ameobas move?
psuedopod (false foot)
Which group of protozoans move by whipping one or more flagellas from side to side?
A paramecium moves by beating thousands of hairlike _____.
Malaria is caused by protozoans called __________.
The insect that is responsible for transmitting malaria-causing protozoans to humans is the ___________.
Unicellular protists that are major producers of oxygen in aquatic ecosystems are _______.
Unicellular and multicellular photosynthetic protists are _____.
algae (plant-like protist)
What type of algae cause red tides?
Red algae have pigments that absorb more wavelengths than green algae, which allows them to ...
grow in deep water because they can photosynthesize in limited light
How are fungus-like protist like fungus?
they obtain energy by decomposing organic materials
How are fungus-like protist classified?
by the way they reproduce
What type of protist are used in a lot of industrial products (like reflective paint, cleaners)
Where do most protist live?
What organelle do plant-like protists contain that allow them to be autotrophic, like the euglena?
How are protists different from bacteria?
- bacteria have a cell wall and protist do not
-bacteria are prokaryotic and protists are eukaryotic
-bacteria are unicellular protist can be unicellular or multicellular
How are animal-like protist different from plant-like protist?
they do not have chlorophyll
How are animal-like protist different from animals?
animal-like protist are unicellular and animals are multicelluar
Ireland's potato famine was caused by a downy mildew, which is a type of _____.
water mold
Plasmodial slime molds contain ONE/MANY nuclei?

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