Met 3B. UTIs.

1. WBC in urine
2. Carcinoma in situ (without pain), TB
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CarcinomaIf there was haematuria without pain, what would you suspectA LUTI - cystitisPatient has suprapubic discomfort, dysuria, small voids and some haematuria. What type of UTI is this.1. UUTI - pyelonephritis (that may have originated from a LUTI as all ascend) 2. Triad of pyelonephritis: loin/flank pain, rigors/sweaty/clammy/pale, N&V 3. Treat aggressivley as risk of AKI 4. IV ABx may be necessaryPatient complains of flank and loin pain. Also has rigors and a fever. What type of UTI is this.1. Some form of obstruction (stone/stricture) 2. Some form of genitouretero infection Colic due to the squeezing of the smooth muscle that creates a pain that comes and goes. Main differential is between renal colic (cannot get into a comfortable position) and some form of peritonitis (wants to lie completely still - not move at all eg appendicitis)What does colicky pain indicate1. Hydronephrosis 2. Pyelonephritis 3. Permanent renal damageWhat long term complications can arise from recurrent (persistent or re-infection) UTIs1. Upper as it has ascended to give pyelonephritis 2. This can cause AKI 3. Also, if long term, damage due to hyrdonephrosis which will lead to scarring / fibrosisingWhich type of UTI do you treat aggressively UUTI LUTI