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History Human Rights and Refugees

What are human rights?
Rights you are guarenteed as a human
Is the struggle for human rights new?
What did Cyrus the great do?
Conquered babylon, freed the slaves, declared religious freedom, wrote down what he did on a cylinder
What is natural law?
People follow certain laws without being told
What inspired the Articles of confederation?
Magna Carta and English bill of rights
What was the articles of confederation?
Who decided to try and protect human rights?
United Nations
What did the UN create?
The universal declaration of human rights
Who led the creation of the universal declaration of human rights?
Eleanor roosevelt
What is the universal declaration of human rights?
A list of 30 human rights that everyone has
What is the problem with the universal declaration of human rights?
It is not backed by law so it cant force countries to uphold the document and allows the countries to break the rules without consequences
How many people are considered refugees?
What is a refugee?
A person who leaves their country for fear of persecution due to race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular group
When do people become a refugee?
When their human rights have been threatened or violated and the government is unable or unwilling to protect them
What are the leading causes of refugees?
War and ethnic, tribal, or religious violence
What does the UNHCR stand for?
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
When was the UNHCR established?
Who does the UNHCR protect?
Asylum seekers, internally displaced persons, and refugees returning home
What are asylum seekers?
People who flee their own country and seek safety in another and apply for an asylum
What must asylum seekers demonstrate?
Their fear of persecution is well founded
What are internally displaced persons?
Someone who is forced to flee their home for the same reasons as a refugee but remain in their own country
What forms of support does the UNHCR provide?
Shelter, food, clean water, education, medical care
What does the UNHCR work to do?
Ensure basic human rights for refugees and find solutions for major issues they face