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  1. supuestamente
  2. desde luego
  3. se cree que
  4. depende de tu punto de vista
  5. dicen que
  1. a supposedly
  2. b It's believed that
  3. c they say that
  4. d it depends on your point of view
  5. e of course

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  1. of course not!
  2. but you have to take into account that
  3. woman
  4. that's right
  5. up to a point, yes, but

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  1. el hombrethat's right


  2. ¿Tú crees? No sé.do you think so? I don't know


  3. alguien me dijo quethey say that


  4. bueno puede ser perosupposedly


  5. ¡Qué tontería!no way!