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dura mater

outermost meninx covering the brain; composed of tough fibrous connective tissue; outer layer forms periosteum of skull

pia mater

innermost meninx covering of the brain; delicate and highly vascular

arachnoid villi

structures instrumental in returning cerebrospinal fluid to venous blood in dural sinuses

arachnoid mater

middle meninx; cobweb-like in structure; secures arachnoid to pia mater

falx cerebri

dual fold that attaches the cerebrum to crista galli of skull; in longitudinal fissure

tentorium cerebelli

dural fold separating cerebrum from cerebellum; over cerebellum and in trasverse fissure

periosteal layer

superficial layer of dura mater attached to inner surface of skull

meningeal layer

deeper layer of dura mater forms true external covering of brain

falx cerebelli

dural fold along vermis of cerebellum

subarachnoid space

between arachnoid mater and pia mater; contains CSF and blood vessels

cerebrospinal fluid

found in and around brain and spinal cord; reduces brain weight by 97%; prevents brain from crushing under its own weight

choroid plexuses

produces CSF at constant rate; clusters of capillaries enclosed by pia mater and a layer of ependumal cells

blood-brain barrier

maintains stable environment for brain; separates neurons from some bloodborne substances

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