12 terms

English Test: Compound, Complex Sentences and clauses

Adverb Clause
Clauses that modify Adjectives, Adverbs, and Verbs
Adjective Clause
Clause that modifies a noun or pronoun
Complex Sentence
A main clause and oe or more subordinate clauses
Compound Sentence
Contains two or more simple sentences
Essential Clause
Clauses that are necessary to make the sentence clear
Main Clause
Simple Sentence
Nonessential Clause
Clauses that add information to the sentence , but are not necessary
Noun Clause
Subordinate Clauses that act as nouns
Relative Pronoun
Begins and adjective clause
Simple Sentence
One complete subject, verb, and idea
Subordinate Clause
Has a subject and a verb, but not a complete idea
Subordinating conjunctions
Introduces subordinate clauses