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Vocabulary words for unit 7 in the FL 5th grade Science Fusion book.


a push or a pull


the force that pulls objects toward earth


resistance felt between objects in contact

balanced forces

forces equal in size, opposite in direction

unbalanced forces

forces not opposed by another


speed of motion


process of speeding up, increasing velocity


tendency of a body in motion to remain in motion

dwarf planet

a spherical celestial body revolving about the sun, similar to a planet but not as large


a large rock or minor planet found in outer space


a tailed mass of ice and dust orbiting the sun


the study of planets and other objects in space


the study of planets and other objects in space


all of the space, matter, and energy that exists


stars, gas and dust held together by gravity

solar system

a group of planets orbiting one star


large object that revolves around the sun

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