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  1. demure
  2. destitute
  3. dole
  4. effigy
  5. deprecate
  1. a to distribute; to give out sparingly
  2. b quiet and modest
  3. c an image of a person or thing; usually a crude image of a hated person
  4. d extremely poor; lacking necessities like food and shelter
  5. e to express disapproval of; to depreciate one's efforts

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  1. to tell, to reveal (as a secret)
  2. inclined to distrust or deny the goodness of sincerity of human motive
  3. a leader who appeals to the emotions and prejudices of people, especially to advance his own power
  4. lacking in self-confidence; shy
  5. one who studies an art or science for mere amusement

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  1. emaciatedextremely thin, wasted away


  2. dourgloomy, sullen


  3. docileeasy to teach or manage


  4. drollto distribute; to give out sparingly


  5. decorumgloomy, sullen


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