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A vocabulary quiz on the Muslim World with bold blue words from the textbook and the five pillars


The concept of belief in one god and the people worshiped Allah as Monotheism


Claimed to be the messenger of Allah who took great interest in religion and was the last of the Prophets


Meaning "Submission to the will of Allah"


A religion - means "One who has submitted"


The name of the migration when Muhammad and his followers left Mecca because of being attacked


An Islamic house of worship


The migration or pilgramage


Holy book of the Muslims where the revelations were collected


Best way for proper living


System of law which regulates family life and moral conduct. Also community and business life of Muslims


Successor or deputy


A family who came to power, moved the capital of Arabia to Damascus


A group who believed that the prophets son in law should have succeeded Muhammad; that all Muslim rulers should be descended from Muhammad; and lastly that the Sunni have distorted the meaning of various passages in the Qur'an - Shi'a means "party of Ali"


Followers of Muhammad's example - Believe that the first four caliphs were rightly guided; that Muslim rulers should follow the Sunna or Muhammad's example; lastly that the Shi'a have distorted the meaning of various passages of the Qur'an


A group of people who rejected the luxurious life of the Umayyads and they pursued a life of poverty and made a devotion to a spiritual path


After repel against the Umayyads, the Abbasids came to power in 750. The Abbasids moved to a new capital and developed a strong bureaucracy to conduct the huge empire's affairs. They had groups to manage the business and the army. Overall they were very successful


A place where the Berber armies stopped in the middle of the war and created a Muslim state here


A caliphate which was formed by Shi'a Muslims who claimed descent from Muhammad's daughter Fatima


The art of beautiful handwriting

House Of Widsom

A building opened by Caliph Al - Ma'mun in Bagdad which combined all three of a library, an academy and a translation center

Five Pillar: Faith

To become a Muslim, a person would have to testify to the statement of faith - "There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah."

Five Pillar: Prayer

Five times every day, Muslims face toward Mecca to pray. They assemble at a mosque

Five Pillar: Alms

Muhammad taught that all Muslims have a responsibility to support the less fortunate. Muslims meet that social responsibility by giving alms (money) for the poor through a special religious tax

Five Pillar: Fasting

During the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast between dawn and sunset. A simple meal is eaten at the end of the day. Fasting serves to remind Muslims that their spiritual needs are greater than their physical needs

Five Pillar: Pilgrimage

All Muslims who are physically and financially able to perform the hajj (pilgramage - migration) to Mecca, at least once. Pilgrims wear identical garments so that all stand as equals before Allah

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