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Pertaining to the science dealing with the application of physical method's and theories to biologic problems

chief complaint

The reason for the patient's seeking medical care.


Pertaining to the operation of the mind; referring to the process by which we become aware of perceiving, thinking, and remembering.


Agreement; the state occurring when the verbal expression of the message matches the sender's nonverbal body language.


Concise technical description of the cause, nature, or manifestations of condition or problem. Initial: Physician's temporary impression, sometimes called a working diagnosis. Differentiated diagnosis: comparison of two or more diseases with similar signs and symptoms. Final: Conclusion physician reaches after evaluating all findings, including laboratory and other test results.


Occurring in or affecting members of a family more than would be expected by chance.

present illness

The chief complaint, written in chronological sequence, with dates of onset.


Pertaining to a combination of psycho logic and social factors.


Relationship of harmony and accord between the patient and the health care professional.


simply paraphrasing or repeating.


involves repeating the main idea of the conversation while also identifying the feelings of the sender. Reflective statements clearly demonstrate to patients that you are not only listening to their words, but you are also attending to their feeling.


seeks to summarize or simplify the sender's thoughts. Opportunity to clear up any misconceptions.

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