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quiz on strangers on a train.

Charles A. Bruno

originator of the criss-cross murders

Guy Haines

easily manipulated; a decent, good guy who keeps to himself


pale yellow hair; very caring, keen and loves unconditionally, future wife of Guy Haines


unfaithful, promiscuous, noisy, social type , a little plump not tall; squeezed like a black pimple

"The Captain"

neglected Bruno as a child; ex-husband of Elsie

Elsie Bruno

"She had the best-looking legs he had ever seen on anyone, no matter what age."; a bit self-centered, high-maintenance

Owen Markman

a married man who had an affair with Miriam; father of Miriam's child.

Arthur Gerard

a detective determined to find the murderer of the "Captain";a friend of the family

Guy's Mother

humble, nurturing, caring, shows sympathy; physical energy that twinkled off in sparks, always cheerful


loved Anne before she met Guy.

Ralph Joyce

red hair, gray-green eyes; he was distraught when he found the news about his sister.


butler in the captains house; told Gerard that Bruno had broken the law.

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