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Physical geography

tectonic activity

What is responsible for shaping the landscape in many parts of North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Central Asia?


The African, Arabian, Eurasian and ______ plates come together in North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Central Asia.


As the plates move they build mountains, ____ landmasses, and cause earthquakes.


What other mountains did tectonic activity form? Atals of Morrocco and Algeria, Zagros of southern Iran, and the _______ of Turkey.

Arabian and Eurasian

Measuring a 7.4 on the Richter scale an earthquake was experienced in Turkey in 1999 lying at the boudary of which two plates?

atlas mountains

Africa's longest mountain range which extend s across Morocco and Algeria?


Enough precipitation falls on the northern side of the Atlas mountains to water the coastal region and making them ideal for ________.

Asir and Hejaz

What two mountain ranges in Southwest Asia stretch along the western coast of the Arabian peninsula?


Because the ____ mts. are taller they receive more rainfall making this region the most agricultural productive on the Arabian Peninsula.

Pontic and Taurus

What mts are in the Turkish landscape?

antolian plateau

Between the Pontic and Taurus mts in the Turkish landscape lies the _______ _________.(2,000 to 5,000 ft above sea level.)


East of the Pontic range is Mt.______ at almost 17000 ft and overlooks the Turkish-Iranian border.


The ________ mountains rise north of Mt Ararat between the Black Sea and Caspain Sea.


What lowland west of the Tian Shan range provides some irrigated farmland?


South of the Turan Lowland dune covered_____,or desserts, offer a stark contrast to the cultivated fields of the lowland.


The Kara-Kum desert covers most of ______. Also known as the black sand desert.


The Kyzyl Kum, or red desert, blankets half of _____.


______ plateau has salt marshes, sinkholes, and caverns.


The regions _____ base is rooted in fertile plains along the Mediterranean Sea, Caspain Sea, and the Persian Gulf.

africa and europe

Mediterranean sea separates ____ from ____

arabian peninsula

The Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden separate the _____ ___ form Africa.

persian gulf

The ____ ____ frames the Arabian Peninsula on the east, and the Arabian Sea borders it on the south.


NW of the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba flanks the ____ Peninsula


Peninsula of Anatolia points west to the ____ sea. The Black and Mediterranean seas lie at the peninsula's north and south.


The ________, the Sea of Marmara, and the Bosporus, which together connect the Aegean and Black Seas also separate Europe and Asia.


____ lanlocked bodies of salt water lie east of the Mediterranean Sea.

Dead Sea

The smallest of the three landlocked bodies of salt water east of the Mediterranean Sea? Sits at the mouth of the Jordan River.


In Central Asia, the _____ Sea, is the largset inland body of water on earth.


Until the 1960s this sea was the worlds fourth largest inland sea but now its just a fraction of its former size.


The Aral Sea began to dry up when the Soviet Union diverted water for ______ from rivers flowing into the sea.

North and South

By the late 1980s the continuing shrinking split the sea into two separate bodies of water-the ____ Sea and the ____ Sea


By 2006 water levels in the ____ Aral Sea had increased after dams were built to ensure the flow of freshwater into the sea.


Egypts Nile River is the world longest river flowing at ____ miles.


The _____ Delta and the fertile land along the NIle reviers banks gave birth to oneo f the world's earliest civilizations.


Today more than ____ percent of Egypts people llive in the Nile Delta or along the course of the river.


How much percent of Egypt's people live on land?


The Aswan High Dam control the Niles flow, rudcing both flooding and deposit of ____ soil.

alluvial soil

rich soil made up of sand and mud deposited by moving water.

agricultural and hydroelectric

The Aswan High Dam provides water for the _____ and ______ power for the country.


Lake ____, a human-made reservoir created when dam was built, stores water and helps regulated Nile's Flow.


Early civilizations thrived in the ______ Euphrates river valley, a fertile farming valley in Southwest Asia.

mesopotamia and euphrates and tigris

The valley _______,"land between two rivers" in Greek, owes its fertile character to which two rivers?


A complex irrigation network has watered the valley and supported farming for the Mesopotamia has been there for how many years?


Today the Tigris and Euphrates help irragate Turkey, Syria, and ______.


How many miles apart do the Tigris and Euphrates originate in eastern Turkey?

shatt al arab

The Tigris and Euphrates join in southern Iraq to form the _____ ___ ____

Persian Gulf

The Shatt Al Arab empties into the ___ ___.


____ control most of the rivers and hydroelectric plants provide electricity.


streambeds that remain dry until a heavy rain


wadis's are formed in a region's _____, and runoff from infrequent rainstorms cause them.

flash flood

During a ___ ___, wadis fill with so much sediment they can rapidly become mud flows, or moving masses of wet soil, which are a danger to humans and animals.


over ___ percent of the worlds known oil reserves lie beneath this region.

natural gas

About 50 percent of the worlds known ___ ___ reserves are there as well.

gas fields

Umeasured reserves inlude newly discovered ____ ____ in the Gaza Strip, in Egypt, and under the Caspain SEa


Because of the heavy reliance on ____ oil prices fluctuate on the world market just like they did in 1997 and 1999 and the regions economy suffers.


By the time oil prices rose from 7 dollars a barrel to ___ per barrel in the early 2000


By 2006 growing demand for oil and the ongoing conflict in___ the prices rose to 70 dollars.


____ provide revenue for the region.


______ has the largest deposits of sulfate.


sulfate is used in paperboard, glass, and ____


_____ is one of the leading producers of phosphate.


chemical used in fertilizers

iron ore and copper

Discoveries of ___ ___ and _____ deposits indicate that the region may contain up to 10% of the world's iron ore reserves.

oil earnings

The United Arab Emirates are investing in ____ _____ in banking, info technology, and tourism.


_____ is investing in infrastructure, agriculture, and fisheries.


Libya relies on oil for over ____ percent of its exports income.

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