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Open Ended

"What is your reason for coming to Arkansas"- Tourism Board of Arkansas


Study of the human behavior in its natural condition


Characterized by every element in population having known statistical likelihood of being selected


Hospitals use random number table to select participants from list of patients who are currently in the hospital


Sporting goods-- Learning what peoples' attitudes, motivations, and feelings are about its product lines--Potential sources except:

Business Products

Paintings Direct--(online seller)--Sells to retailers, custom framing stores, and intermediairies-- Paintings Direct is selling?

Convenience Product

When buying a newspaper and notice aspirin and buy that as well. Aspirin is?

Wide Distribution of Product

Convenience product marketing strategy includes:

Shopping Product

Harrison wants a gas water heater-- He waits for it to come on sale-- This is called:

Specialty Product

Anasazi brand mountain climbing shoes (safest brand)--People who want to buy safest shoes will buy no other--Anasazi shoes are:

Concentrated Targeting

Selecting one segment of a market to target and focus on understanding needs, motivations, and satisfactions of members of that segment as well as developing highly specialized marketing mix

Multi-Segment Target

Stouffer's chooses to serve 2 well defined market segments (gourmet vs. lean cuisine_ and develop distinct marketing mixes, what strategy is used?

Perceptual Map

Cell Phone features-- low to high technological advancement and high entertainment to high utility to show products are perceived by customers

Product User

Coca Cola introduced Coke Zero in Great Britain in order to appeal to British men who don't drink diet soda because they consider them feminine beverages--"Bloke Coke"--Positioning strategy for men who don't drink diet

Descriptive Role

Atlanta Falcons use marketing research to gather information on poor attendance. They used in game surveys and end of season surveys of ticket holders. Gathering of factual statements is an example of marketing research in its:

Predictive Marketing Research

Through Marketing Research, Boston Symphony Orchestra learned it has an older market and isn't attracting young concert goers. They wanted to know if integrated ad campaign targeted to younger market would be successful. In its second use of research, BSO employed:

Marketing Research

Planning, collecting, and analyzing data relevant to marketing decision making. Results are communicated to management.

Descriptive, Diagnostic, and Predictive

3 functional roles for marketing research:

Primary Data

Pulte Homes, national builder, needs to control costs. Research shows 80% of homebuyers select the same countertops, floors, carpets, and toilets. This is:

Survey conducted by one's own firm to asses brand awareness

What's not an example of secondary data?

Distributed to only a few stores in the geographic area

When deciding on distribution plans for specialty products, companies generally ensure items are:

Product Line

There are a number of detergents marketed under the tide brand. (with and without fabric softener, bleach, various smells) Large variety is an example of:

Product Mix

Along with soft drinks, Cadbury Schweppes also market Dentyne guym, Sour Patch Kids, and Motts Apple Juice. This is a list of a company's:

Number of different product lines an organization offers to sell

Product mix width may be defined as:

Mixed Width

George Weston Limited-- Canadian food product and distribution company--Also owns and operates a pulp and paper company, Canadian Dairy, and sugar refinery organization provide Weston with Product:


Bazooka Gum has great brand awareness but stagnate sales. Research shows company that kids prefer softer bubble gum and Joe is considered out of date. Bazooka created softer gum and cooler Joe. Bazooka hopes through this____ to attract younger market.

All are true

What about planned Obsolescence is true?

Product Line Extension Strategy

Cover Girl and Revlon are lead manufacturers in cosmetics. They recently introduced cosmetics for "Over 50" women. Introduction of these cosmetic are examples of implementation of:

Product Line Contraction

Honda stopped making Honda Insight because it never caught on with buyers. This ___ will allow Honda to concentrate resources on more profitable vehicles.

Brand Mark

Symbol that can't be spoken in a brand:

Brand Equity

2004, Bazooka was among most recognizable brands in US even though gum needed some updating to be competitive in today's market. Manufacturer has carefully developed Bazooka name for over 50 years and was willing to make modifications in product because Bazooka has a valuable:

Global Brand

Brands where at least 20% of product is sold outside home country:

Help ensure repeat sales

Brand Loyalty can:


Brand names used on Del Monte, Pillsbury, Harley Davidson, and Purina Products are called ____ brands because of who owns them.


About one of every 2 fans sold in U.S. is Home Depot's Hampton Bay brand. Example of ____ brand.

Higher gross margins are available on private bonds

Which of the following statements describes an advantage to retailers associated with developing their own brands:


When a company markets several products under the same brand name. This is referred to as ____ brand.

Individual Branding

Procter and Gamble Camay Soap for people concerned with soft skin and safeguard for those who want deodorant protection. Using _____ strategy

Ingredient Branding

Rosa's husband Phil has a cold-- Rose purchased Breathe Right nasal strips embedded with Vick's mentholated vapor rub. The package showed Breathe Right and Vick's brand names. This is an example of:

Generic Product Name

Rollerblades is brand name for in-line skates. People often refer to Rollerblades as if it were the product name. Company may someday find its brand name becoming a:


Lacoste has targeted 40 something male consumers-- Today through implementation of a ____ strategy, it targets male and female fashion conscious consumers in their 20's with everything from moon boots to coats

Establishing new product strategy

First stage of new product development process is:

Financial lenders

Least likely source for new product ideas:

Idea Screening

First filter in new product development process. Serves to eliminate new product ideas that are inconsistent with organizations new product strategy or are obviously inappropriate for some other reason:

Business Analysis

In the ____ stage of new product development, preliminary demand, cost, sales, and profitability estimates are made:


Product that is perceived as new by a potential adopter, whether product is "new to the world" or simply new to the individual is an:


Process by which the adoption of an innovation spreads is _____. This is the spread of a new idea from its source of invention or creation to its ultimate users or adopters.


Which of the following is a market group discussed in diffusion of innovations:

Twinkie brand should benefit from placement of their product in Zombie Land

Which is true?


Adopter Categories-- Final 16% to adopt are similar to innovators in they don't rely on norms of group but independent because they are tradition bound. Lowest socioeconomic status, suspicious of new products:


Razor scooters gathered popularity because walkers/runners frequently saw people on scooters zipping by and having fun. Adoption rate of razor scooter was most affected by:


Gold Peak by Coca Cola North American intended to taste like tea "Mom used to Bew"-- High marketing and high production cost occur. Promotion is informing customers. Which stage is Gold Peak in:

Profits Peak

During growth stage of product life cycle

Promotion to dealer is often intensified

During maturity stage of product life cycle:

All statements about PLC are true

Which about product life cycle is true?


Result of applying human or mechanical efforts to people or objects:

Employs roughly 80% of U.S. work force

The service sector:


A service can't be touched, seen, tasted, heard, or felt in the same manner in which goods can be sensed and therefore is referred to as:


Western Union has 225,000 locations in 196 countries. You can send money from Georgia to a small town in Mexico without worrying. Western Union has a high degree of ____ properties.

Credence Quality

Characteristic that can't easily be assessed even after purchase since the customers don't have the knowledge or experience.


Difficult to achieve consistency and standardization of services because of which service characteristic:


Not a service component used to evaluate service quality:


Western Union allows people in one area to transfer funds dependably to another--This provides which service quality:

Gap Model of Service Quality

Budget Airlines-- Shanghai based Spring Airlines is start-up company with a tight budget. Spring has 97% satisfaction level despite employees being throttled--According to _____----gap between what customers want and what management thinks customers want.

Service quality specifications and service actually provided

Radio Shack--Manager frustrated at level of service from employees after he made a guide. Example gap between:

Market Segments

IAM Pets--Dental products for dogs--Dogs at various ages and sizes--These subgroups are:

Market Segmentation

E & V Bridal Studio--Needs marketing mix for ethnic customers---Procedure to divide large market

Do all of these things

Market segmentation helps businesses to


Manufacturer of lenses has segmented its markets (science, sports)--For this is to be successful all criteria must be met EXCEPT


According to criterion of ____ selected segment must be large enough to warrant developing and maintaining...

Random Sample

UK Hospital is interested in getting cross section of patient opinion on changes that will make hospital stay more like motel stay. The cost of new amenities will be reflected in higher rates. UK Hospital used random number table to select participants for list of patients this is _____.

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