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HBH FCE UoE part 4 (for learing)


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had no intention of scaring
I'm sure your brother didn't mean to scare you.
I'm sure your brother .... you
is it since he phoned
When did he phone you?
How long ... you?
rather stay in
I don't want to go out tonight.
I'd ... tonight.
blame me for losing your
It wasn't my fault that you lost your keys again.
You can't ... keys again.
to be present at
Unfortunately, I can't attend your wedding next week.
Unfortunately, I won't be able ... your wedding next week.
have not seen Paul for
The last time I saw Paul was three weeks ago.
I ... three weeks.
to my/me turning
Would you mind if I turned the radio down?
Would you object ... the radio down?
in case it is
It might be cold so take a jacket.
Take a jacket ... cold.
it was the best restaurant
Bill said he'd never been to such a good restaurant.
Bill said ... he'd ever been to.
should have your house
Your house needs redecorating.
You ... redecorated.
in case you get tired
You might get tired walking so you should wear comfortable shoes..
Wear comfortable shoes ... walking.
gave up playing tennis
He hasn't played tennis for five years.
He ... five years ago.
run out of
There's no sugar left.
We've ... sugar.
no point in saving
It's not worth saving this left-over food.
There's ... this left-over food.
take advantage of
You mustn't miss this opportunity to study abroad.
You must ... this opportunity to study abroad.
instead of going
She watched a film at home and didn't go to the cinema with him.
She watched a film at home ... to the cinema with him.
has been driving since
Peter was eighteen when he started driving.
Peter ... he was eighteen.
the same height as
Sally is as tall as John.
John is ... Sally.
took three hours to reach
The train reached Edinburgh in three hours.
The train ... Edinburgh.
got on well
Ann has always had a good relationship with her father.
Ann has always ... with her father.
as a result of
The heavy rainfall caused floods in the area.
There were floods in the area ... the heavy rainfall.
don't agree with
I'm against banning cars from city centres.
I ... banning cars from city centres.
was put off
They postponed the match because of the bad weather.
The match ... because of the bad weather.
a pity I didn't
I wish I had listened to your advice.
It's ... listen to your advice.
having never seen
I can't really tell you what he is like as I haven't seen him.
I can't really tell you what he is like ... him.
he hardly had any strength
At the end of the race he had very little strength left.
At the end of the race ... left.
is being built
They are building a new road through the town.
A new road ... through the town.
should not have taken
We took more luggage than we needed.
We ... so much luggage.
such a salty pie that
The pie was so salty that I could not eat it.
It was ... I could not eat it.
wishes she had gone
She regrets not going to the party last Saturday.
She ... to the party last Saturday.
the hall will take me
I will need two days to paint the hall.
Painting ... two days.
mistook my bag for
She thought my bag was hers.
She ... hers.
sure that John had been
"John must have been held up in traffic," said Sally.
Sally was ... held up in traffic
likely to stop
It's unlikely that it'll stop snowing soon.
It isn't ... snowing soon.
has been two years since
I first met Sarah two years ago.
It ... I first met Sarah
only was the food excellent
The food was excellent and good value for money, too.
Not ..., it was good value for money, too.
despite the fact that
Sally went to work despite feeling ill.
Sally went to work ... she was feeling ill.
is being looked into
The police are investigating the cause of the explosion.
The cause of the explosion ... by the police.
waiting for a call
The travel agent hasn't called me yet.
I am still ... from the travel agent.
hard work did Pete
Pete had to work very hard to pass the exam.
Only after a lot of ... pass the exam.
had trouble setting
I found it difficult to settle down to work.
I ... down to work.
a small number of people
Because of the rain, not many people turned up at the picnic.
Because of the rain, only ... turned up at the picnic.
expected to be the winner
Everyone thinks that Mike will win the race.
Mike is ... of the race.
costs nothing to surf
You can surf the Net from here for nothing.
It ... the Net from here.
gave her word
She promised to be back before noon..
She ... that she would be back before noon.
did not need to buy
It wasn't necessary for me buy milk as Amy had already bought some.
I ... milk as Amy had already bought some.
lost his temper with
The customer became extremely angry with the assistant after being kept waiting for hours.
The customer .................................................................. the assistant after being kept waiting for hours.
looked up to
The headteacher had the respect of everyone in the school.
Everyone in the school ... the headteacher.
were allowed/permitted to
Mum let us stay out late last night.
We ... stay out late last night.
tell me what you know
Could you give me your opinion on this matter?
Could you ... on this matter?
had his house broken into
Thieves broke into John's house last Saturday night.
John ... last Saturday night.
have succeeded if
The project could have been successful if you had worked harder on it.
The project could only ... you had worked harder on it.
a full description of
The insurance company asked me to describe the stolen painting in detail.
The insurance company asked me to give them ... the stolen painting.
mathematics nor chemistry are difficult
Seamus finds both Mathematics and Chemistry easy.
Neither ... for Seamus.
would wake up if we
"Be quiet, or you'll wake the baby," Mother told us.
Mother told us that the baby ... made a noise.
prevented the match from taking
The match couldn't take place because of a heavy snowstorm.
A heavy snowstorm ... place.
as long as you are
You can wear my dress, but you must be careful not to ruin it.
You can wear my dress ... careful not to ruin it.
no comment on
The politician refused to say anything about the matter.
The politician would make ... the matter.
so that she wouldn't
Mary went to the airport early because she did not want to miss her plane.
Mary went to the airport early ... miss her plane.
no idea he had
Jack's mum was completely unaware of his decision to study abroad.
Jack's mum had ... decided to study abroad.
get in touch with
We must contact our travel agent about our forthcoming trip.
We must ... our travel agent about our forthcoming trip.
is no difference between
Jane's opinion on the matter is exactly the same as John's.
There ... Jane's and John's opinions on the matter.
any sauce left
The chef said that they had run out of sauce for that night's special.
The chef said that there wasn't ... for that night's special.
on a more regular
John should exercise more regularly if he wants to be fit.
John should exercise ... basis if he wants to be fit.
go on sale
They will be selling wedding dresses at half price at Harrods's tomorrow.
Wedding dresses will ... at half price at Harrods's tomorrow.
had got in touch with
I regret not contacting my dentist when I first felt my tooth ache.
I wish I ... my dentist when I first felt my tooth ache.
have my car fixed
The local mechanic always fixes my car.
I always ... by the local mechanic.
is said to have
People say that Susan was a brilliant actress.
Susan ... been a brilliant actress.
would have passed
Emma failed the exam because she hadn't revised.
If Emma had revised, she ... the exam.
there is no comparison between
In my opinion, the two boys are completely different.
In my opinion, ... the two boys.
were prevented from getting
The damaged bridge meant that people could not get to the other side of the city.
People ... to the other side of the city due to the damaged bridge.
gave me a helping hand
My sister helped me with my homework.
My sister ... with my homework
there is nothing wrong with
Doctors are now saying it is all right to drink a glass of wine daily.
Doctors are now saying ... drinking a glass of wine daily
does this coat belong
Whose coat is this?
Who ... to?
feel like going
Kelly admitted that she was not in the mood to go out that night.
Kelly admitted that she did not ... out that night.
of my colleagues approved of
My colleagues all disliked the way I talked to the boss.
None ... the way I talked to the boss.
on time due to
We were late due to an accident on the highway.
We didn't arrive ... an accident on the highway.
have made a better
In my opinion, this model of car was the best one that he could have chosen.
In my opinion, he couldn't ... choice of car.
of going on foot
Rather than walk home, we took the subway.
Instead ... , we took the subway.
up smoking even though
Although he tried very hard, he couldn't stop smoking.
He couldn't give ... he tried very hard.
do you mind if
"Excuse me, can I borrow your pen?" asked Bill.
"Excuse me, ... I borrowed your pen?" asked Bill.
become a professional actor untill
Matthew was twenty-five before he took up acting professionally.
Matthew did not ... he was twenty-five.
should have his car
Terry's car needs repairing.
Terry ... repaired.
did not allow hime
Sanjay couldn't get his parents' permission to buy an expensive car.
Sanjay's parents ... to buy an expensive car.
has had this painting for
Ann got this painting ten years ago.
Ann ... ten years.
don't we go
Let's visit the art gallery this afternoon.
Why ... to the art gallery this afternoon?
should be booked in advance
You should book your ticket beforehand if you want to get a good seat.
Your ticket ... if you want to get a good seat.
have run out of
We don't have any milk left, so we must go and buy some.
We ... milk, so we must go and buy some.
if you had not helped
I could never have finished the job without your help.
I could never have finished the job ... me.
used to be often ill
Sophia was often ill when she was a child.
Sophia ... when she was a child.
cost anything to park
Parking here is free after Spm.
It doesn't ... here after 5 pm.
were given direction by
A very nice man gave us directions
We ... a very nice man.
would rather you did not
Please don't touch the exhibits.
I ... touch the exhibits.
if you had not given
It's a good thing you gave me a lift or I would have been late for my interview.
I would have been late for my interview ... me a lift.
are requested not to
Please do not drop litter in the park.
You ... drop litter in the park.
on good terms
He doesn't get on with his colleagues.
He is not ... with his colleagues.
does not travel as fast
Light travels faster than sound.
Sound ... as light.
account for always being
He could not explain why he was always late to work.
He could not ... late to work.
made us stay to do
Our boss wouldn't let us go home until we had done our work.
Our boss ... our work before we went home.
was the first time
I had never been to a theme park before.
It ... I had ever been to a theme park.
to know the cost of
Steve asked me how much I paid for my new sweater.
Steve wanted ... my new sweater.
wish you had told me
What a pity you didn't tell me earlier!
I ... earlier!
prevented the plane from taking
The plane couldn't take off because of the rain.
The rain ... off.
lost touch with
She doesn't see or hear from her childhood friends any more.
She has ... her childhood friends.
didn't seem to be
He gave the impression that he wasn't working.
He ... working.
ought to pay more
You didn't pay attention in class.
You ... attention in class.
arrive on time
Jessica was late due to the traffic.
Jessica didn't ... due to the traffic.
refused to let his
"I won't allow my son to stay out past midnight," Mike said.
Mike .... son stay out past midnight.
turned down the offer
They offered her a job but she refused.
She ... of a job.
am not accustomed to
I find driving on the left in England very strange.
I ... driving on the left in England.
you must have been
I expect you were very tired by the end of the week.
By the end of the week ... exhausted.
no excuse for being
Being late is inexcusable.
There is ... late.
instead of doing his
Matthew decided not to do his homework and went to play football.
Matthew went to play football ... homework.
advised Lee not to stay
"I wouldn't stay out too late, Lee," said Mary.
Mary ... out too late.
won't put up with
Her mother won't tolerate rudeness.
Her mother ... rudeness.
pay enough attention to
Natalie didn't listen carefully enough to the spoken instructions.
Natalie didn't ... the spoken instructions.
to avoid having to walk
He took a taxi so he wouldn't have to walk in the rain.
He took a taxi ... in the rain.
made the group pay for
The hotel charged the group for the damage they caused in their rooms.
The hotel ... the damage they caused in their rooms.
made up her mind about
She can't decide what to wear to the party.
She can't ... what to wear to the party.
had no difficulty in remembering
Colin finds it easy to remember people's names and phone numbers.
Colin ... people's names and phone numbers.
are used to measure
Pollution is measured by special instruments.
Special instruments ... pollution.
was Alexander Fleming who discovered
Penicillin was discovered by Alexander Fleming.
It ... penicillin.
well as being efficient, Jane
Jane is efficient and qualified.
As ... is also qualified.
cannot tell the difference
Kate and Ann look exactly the same to me.
I ... between Kate and Ann.
do not have enough money
I cannot afford to buy a train ticket.
I ... to buy a train ticket.
has run out of
There is no more petrol in the car.
The car ... petrol.
no point in worrying about
It is useless to worry about what has already happened.
There is ... what has already happened.
whether Liam had had
"Have you had anything to eat?" Mum asked Liam.
Mum asked ... anything to eat.
on purpose or was it
Did you mean to kick him, or did it happen by accident?
Did you kick him ... an accident?
should look it up
If you don't know how to spell the word, why don't you check in the dictionary?
If you don't know how to spell the word, you ... in the dictionary.
are being interviewed by
The senior managers are interviewing the candidates.
The candidates ... the senior managers.
if it wasn't so
It's too cold to go for a walk today.
We could go for a walk ... cold today.
are requested not to leave
Luggage must not be left unattended.
You ... your luggage unattended.
is not worth trying
I don't see why I should try harder.
In my opinion, it ... harder.
to get rid of
They decided to throw out all the old furniture.
They decided ... all the old furniture.
was brought up
She spent her childhood in Spain.
She ... in Spain.
is keen on travelling
She likes to travel abroad.
She ... abroad.
make up your mind
You need to reach a decision as soon as possible.
You need to ... as soon as possible.
had nothing to do with
He wasn't involved in the project.
The project ... him.
as long as you do
You can stay here, but don't make too much noise.
You can stay here ... not make too much noise.
been out of work
Greg has been unemployed for almost two years.
Greg has ... for almost two years.
so worried that he could
Andre was too worried to sleep.
Andre was ... not sleep.
is not worth waiting
We've missed the last bus, so there is no point in waiting.
It ... , because we've missed the last bus.
have to be washed
"Is washing the car now really necessary?"
"Does the car ... now?"
are not supposed to take
You shouldn't take a dictionary into the examination room.
You ... a dictionary into the examination room.
is being taught German by
Lisa's aunt is teaching her German.
Lisa ... her aunt.
not do the job unless
He said he would only do the job if we paid him first.
He said he would ... we paid him first.
give me a hand moving
"Could you help me move this heavy wardrobe?"
"Could you ... this heavy wardrobe?"
she must have been
She was smiling, so I'm sure she was happy.
She was smiling, so ... happy.
has difficulty in expressing
It isn't easy for Lynda to express her feelings.
Lynda ... her feelings.
was empty apart from
There was nobody in the office but me.
The office ... me.
is supposed to be
People say rock-climbing is a dangerous sport.
Rock-climbing ... a dangerous sport.
didn't deserve to be
It was unfair that he was disqualified.
He ... disqualified.
has any intention of applying
I don't think she will apply for this post.
I don't think she ... for this post.
didn't let him go
His parents made him stay at home last night.
His parents ... out last night.
is responsible for delivering
It is John's duty to deliver the parcel on time.
John ... the parcel on time.
was on time
Jane wasn't late for once.
Jane ... for once.
has had no luck
Jake has been completely unsuccessful with his enquiries.
Jake ... at all with his enquiries.
such an unexpected way
The ending of the film was so unexpected that we were all speechless.
The film ended in ... that we were all speechless.
had any intention of upsetting
I don't think Matt meant to upset you.
I don't think Matt ... you.
making no effort to improve
Samuel is not trying to improve himself.
Samuel is ... himself.
not advisable to stay
The guide book doesn't recommend staying in that hotel.
It is ... in that hotel, the guide book says.
from Melinda, nobody passed the test
Melinda was the only one to pass the test.
Apart ... the test.
is said to be
People say that Paris is beautiful in the Spring.
Paris ... beautiful in the Spring.
gave me a hand
My dad helped me with my homework last night.
My dad ... with my homework last night.