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-intelligence: varies from mental retardation to average intelligence
-social development: 2-3 years beyond mental age, especially during childhood
-30/50% have heart defects!
-flat facial profile, small nose, protruding tongue, low set ears, abundant neck skin, trans-palmar creases, separated sagital suture
Hydrocephalus nursing care-observe increase ICP -observe for infection, shunt malfunction -skin care -monitor I and O -head circumference measurement -observe fontanels and maintain adequate nutrition -shunt alert cardAnecephaly-missing cortex, baby usually dies within a few days/weeksEncephalocele-herniation of brain and meninges through a defect in the skullSpina bifida-malformation of the spine that leaves the meninges and spinal cord exposed -abnormal of embryonic neural tube-fails to closeSpina bifida causes-maternal dietary folic acid deficiency -maternal heat exposure in first trimester (hot tubs, saunas, radiation) -valproic acid (anti epileptic) -familial tendencyMyelomeningocele-herniation of the cord containing the brain and spinal cordMyelomeningocele manifestations-usually happens in the lumbar area -skeletal/joint deformities, weakness/paralysis, neurogenic bladder, bowel controlMyelomeningocele treatment-prevent infection -surgery -orthopedics -laxative/fiber -if UTIs or retention: straight cath