AP Human Geography (Chapter 9 Agriculture)

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which areas of the world were the first agricultural hearths?
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where are the most modern hunter/gatherer societies foundaustralia's great victorian desert, india's anadam islands, botswana and namibiawhich type of agriculture is practiced by the largest percent of the world's peopleintensive subsistencewhere are you most likely to find plantation agriculturetropics and subtropics - latin america, africa, asiaexplain how shifting cultivation worksfarmers clear land for planting by slashing vegetation and burning the debriswhat is the purpose of crop rotationto control pests and diseases, maintain soil fertilitywhat types of food are grown using mediterranean agriculturefruits, vegetables, flowers, treeswhat crops are produced using truck farmingfruits and vegetables ex: apples, asparagus, lettuces, mushrooms, and tomatowhere are you most likely to find truck farming practicedsoutheast united states, new englandwhat is agribusinesseffort to modify portion of earth's surface through cultivation of crops and raising livestock for sustenance or economic gainexplain von thunen's modelbased observations off patterns in where agriculture is grown and where people livevon thunen's model layer 1layer 1 - urban center/market *at heart of model is the city, where people live and work *primarily where agricultural products are brought to be soldvon thunen's model layer 2layer 2 - horticulture & dairy farming *horticulture is primarily growing of fruits, vegetables, and flowers *dairy farming is done close enough to transport milk to market without spoilingvon thunen's model layer 3layer 3 - forestry *ring of trees to provide building materials & firewood (model produced before widespread use of coal) *located close for easy transportationvon thunen's model layer 4layer 4 - grains/field crops *largescale farms that allow for grain production and large herds of animals (grains much lighter and easier to transport)von thunen's model layer 5layer 5 - extensive ranching & grazing *large open areas where animals can roam freely *transportation a nonfactor since animals are self transporting and can walk to market or easily be movedwhat is mixed crop and livestock farmingintegration of corps and livestockaccording to von thunen what is the primary factor used to pick what farm product to growmarket locationwhat is desertificationhuman actions causing land to go to desertlike conditionwhat are the primary causes of agricultural land loss in the USurbanization, desertification, excess waterwhat is a GMOa living organism that possesses a novel combination of genetic material obtained through use of modern biotechnologywhat do some critics argue are negatives of using GMOshealth problems, environmental problems, increased dependence on US, export problemswhat areas of the world are the largest food exporterseastern south america, north america, australiawhy do many farmers in LDCs choose to grow drug cropsit isn't illegal and the plant makes illegal drugs that developed countries want so they make it for profitdefine undernourishmentdietary energy consumption that continuously below what is needed for healthy life and carrying out light physical activitywhat is sustainable agriculture and how is it practicedproduction of food, fiber, other plant/animal products using farming techniques that protect environment, public health, human communities, animal welfare practiced by using organic farming (NO PESTICIDES)what are the "clean 15"fruits and vegetables that are least likely to be contaminated with pesticide