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Reading: Theodore Roosevelt

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2. What is the significance of Roosevelt's polio for his career?
-enhanced personal appeal and ability to sympathize with the disabled
-much less impulsive and rogue
-gave the democrats sympathy when people really didn't like him
3. As a governor, how did Roosevelt contribute to the growth of public relations
-two public appearances a day
-constantly used the radio
4. What did Roosevelt learn as a Vice President in 1920
-learned how to deal with Tammany Hall
-supported Woodrow Wilson
5. What was the supreme court crisis and how did he address it?
-couldn't pass New Deal Legislation
-expanded supreme court by 6 judges
6. What were the 4 things that needed to be done to fix economy?
-stabilize banks
-deal with unemployment
-balancing urban and rural populations
-raising farm prices and farm income
-return to religious and moral values