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_____ in an opiate antagonist that is used in the treatment of alcohol use disorder. Many people taking it experience fewer craving and if people do drink, they drink less
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Which of the following influence treatment settings and services?finances, medical problems, non-AOD psychological problemsAn Oxford House isa house shared by people in recovery that requires the residents to live substance freeThe ASAM criteriainclude withdrawal potential and characteristics of the environment in which someone is livingT/F When primary care physicians talk to their patients about risks associated with their drinking along ways to reduce their drinking, people drink lesstrueT/F In helping people increase their desire/commitment to change, it is helpful to have the person explore both the reasons to change and the reasons to not changetrueWhich of the following is/are dissociative anesthetic hallucinogens?PCP and Ketamine_____ is derived from a plant in the sage family and is considered to be the most potent of any naturally-occurring hallucinogenssalviaA sudden reoccurrence of a hallucinogenic experience is a(n)flashbackWhich of the below are routes of administration of steroids?topical and injectionThe hallucinogenic effects of ____ were discovered by accident when ____ accidentally spilled some on his handLSD; Albert HofmannThe tendency for anabolic steroids to induce masculine secondary sexual characteristics are referred to asandrogenic effectsThe active chemical in hallucinogenic mushrooms ispsilocybinPsychological effects of anabolic steroids includeeuphoria, increased energy levels, and increased aggressivenessAtropine and scopolamine are ____ for ____antagonists; acetylcholineWhich of the following is not a common effect of LSD?sympathomimetic effectsWhich of the following drugs is not an anabolic steroid?prednisoneAnabolic steroids are synthetic drugs that resembletestosteroneWhich of the following is/are serotonergic hallucinogens?LSD, psilocybin, mescalineWhich of the following is true of MDMA (ecstasy)?it has been associated with brain damage in several nonhuman species and seizures and strokes have occurred with overdoseThe active chemical in the peyote acts ismescalineResearch has demonstrated a link between depression and atrophy and cell loss is thehippocampusWhich of the following is/are true regarding who is more likely to use psychotherapeutic medication?those who make more money than those who make less moneyAll of the following are antidepressants exceptthorazineWhich of the following is true?abilify and seroquel are antipsychoticsT/F Stimulants are often used to treat chronic depressionfalseWhich of the following is true?antipsychotic medications influence the positive symptoms more than the negative onesTardive dyskinesia is most characterized byrepetitive involuntary movements of the mouth and tongueWhich of the following are antipsychotics?clozaril, seroquel, zyprexaWhich of the following is true?a decision about use of psychotherapeutic medication during pregnancy is based on a consideration of both the mother and the unborn child_____, initially used as an anesthesia in surgery, was found to have calming effects on individuals with psychotic disorders. it revolutionized the treatment of psychotic disorderschlorpromazineEffectiveness of antipsychotics are associated with the impact on ____ activitydopaminePeople who take _____ must avoid most cheeses and some alcoholic beverages in their diets because they contain tyramineMAOIsPatients who experience mania are most commonly prescribed _____ to stabilize their moodslithiumResearch indicates that about ___ of the effect of antidepressant medication is due to the medication's mechanism of ??25%Approximately ____ of the U.S. population experience some form of mental disorder in any given year25%Which of the following is true?the amount of time mj smoke is held in the lungs affects the absorption of cannabinoidsThe acute effects of cannabis include effects onreproductive system, cardiovascular system, immune systemThe most rapid and efficient absorption of mj occurs through _____. The drug effects following ____ last approximately 2-4 hourssmoking; smokingWhich of the following is/are true about cannabis withdrawal?it was not listed as a disorder in DSM-IV but is listed as a disorder in DSM-5In New York City, during Prohibition, _____ opened to give mj users a place to smoketea-padsPrescription synthetic THC can be takenorally or via a nasal spray____ are the receptors primarily found in the brain to which the cannabinoids bindCB1NIDA's 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health revealed that about ____ of Americans have used mj at least once (lifetime)44%Mj affects which of the following neurotransmitters?GABA, acetylcholine, glutamateWhich of the following is true regarding the research evidence on the social/environmental effects of mj?none of the aboveT/F Frequent adolescent cannabis use is associated with development of schizophrenia later if lifetrue_____ is a chemical that binds to the same receptors as cannabinoids doanandamideResearch has clearly shown that mj use results in irreversible, long-term damage to thenone of the aboveWhat is the LD 50 for alcohola BAC of .45-.50which of the following can be an affect of chronic heavy drinking?all of the above (heart problems, decreased immune system, problems in sexual functioning)What are the enzymes in the liver that are involved in the metabolism of alcohol?alcohol dehydrogenase and acetaldehyde dehydrogenaseSlower absorption of alcohol is associated withA & B only (eating before or while drinking, drinking milk)Which neurotransmitter activity does alcohol affect?all of these (GABA, serotonin, dopamine)Which of the following is/are true regarding alcohol?cross tolerance occurs with other depressantsPrecancerous cells that develop as a result of smokeless tobacco are called:leukoplakiain __________, the US surgeon general officially concluded that nicotine is addictive.1988the half-life of caffeine in the blood ranges from3-7 hoursoverall, the prevalence of current smokers has ________ since 1965.decreasednicotine is an _________ for _________agonist; acetylcholine________ is a medication prescribed to help people stop smoking that is also prescribed under the name of Welbutrin for depressionbupropion (zyban)The most commonly reported symptom of withdrawal from caffeine isheadachescaffeine is believed to be an _______ for _______antagonist; adenosinewhich of the following is/are true?A&B only (tobacco was believed to have medicinal value in the early 1800s; males have a higher prevalence of use of smokeless tobacco than females)for some people, eliminating caffeine from their diet can end their struggles with _____anxietycaffeine is one of the three naturally occurring compounds known as themethlyxanthinesa "hookah" is awater pipetrue or false: consuming an excessive amount of caffeine is called caffeinism and can produce symptoms such as gastrointestinal distress, insomnia, excessive anxiety, and restlessnesstruean elimination of half-life of nicotine among chronic smokers is2 hoursa loved one of yours finds out you are taking this class and asks what is recommended to help someone quit smoking. Based on information presented in the text and in class, you would saythe combination of a behavioral program and a nicotine replacement therapy is better than either of them aloneaccording to the NSDUH, heavy drinking is defined as:5 or more servings in one episodewith blackouts, the individualcannot recall events that occurred during a drinking sessionaccording to the 2013 nation survey on drug use and health, about ______ of the united states sample reported heavy drinking a month preceding the interview6%which of the following is/are the acute effects of alcohol?all of the above (decreased sensitivity in taste, smell, vision, and pain; increased reaction time; decreased balance controls)which of the following is NOT a standard drink?12 oz winethe danger of extreme alcohol withdrawal symptoms lastsfrom 12 hours to 10 dayswhich of the following is FALSE regarding the biopsychosocial model of alcohol use disorder?there is only one specific gene associated with developing alcohol use disorderthe definition of moderate drinking that is associated with possible health benefits isno more than 2 per day for men and no more than 1 per day for women______ is the earliest, most benign effect of alcohols effects on the liverfatty liverwhat is the main difference between morphine and heroin?heroine more readily penetrates the blood-brain barrierwhich of the following drugs is the most potent pain relieverfentanylthe rise in illegal use of prescription opioids in the later 1990s and early 2000s was largely related to what drug?oxycontinwhich of the following is not an opioid?scopolaminewhich of the following is/are true?a & c only (methadone is an opioid that is used for the treatment of opioid withdrawal; more ppl use prescription opioids other than as prescribed than use heroin today)______ is used for treatment of an overdose of opioidsnaloxone (narcane)which of the following is not a common opioid effect?all of these ARE opioid effects (respiratory depression, lowered body temp, pupil constriction)opioids act by mimicking which neurotransmitter system?endorphinThe recovery of many vietnam veterans from heroin addiction reveals thatenvironment has much to do with recoveryopiate withdrawal symptoms are best characterized asflu-like in nature______ is a partial opiate agonist that is becoming popular as an alternative to methadone in the treatment of opiate addictionbuprenorphineintravenous drug users represent ______ of AIDS casesover 25%heroin is used via which routes of administration?all of these (smoking injecting snorting)opium comes from thepoppythe medical uses for opioid drugs include the treatment of which of the followingall of these (diarrhea, opioid withdrawal, severe pain)true or false: withdrawal symptoms of an addictive drug are the opposite of the drugs effectstrueaccording to the 2013 nation survey on drug use and health, about _____ of people report having used alcohol in the past year66%in order for someone to meet the criteria for a DSM-5 substance use disorder,2 criteria have to have been met during a 12 month time periodwhich of the following countries reported the highest lifetime rate of alcohol use in the vega et al. (2002) analysis of international survey results?the netherlandsaccording to the 2013 nation survey on drug use and health, ________ is the most commonly used illicit drugmarijuana/hasishwhich of the following is not included in the dsm5 criteria for substance use disorder?recurrent legal problems as a result of substance usewhich of the following is a basis for classifying drugs?all of the above (street name, therapeutic use, mechanism of action)individuals who meet _____ criteria have a substance use disorder considered severe.6 or more_____ refers to the general occurrence of an event, usually expressed in terms of percentage of some population; _______ refers to the number of first time occurrences of an eventprevalence, incidencewhich of the following is true about drug use and crimemost crimes associated with alcohol are assaultivewhat does the pharmacological phrase ED 60 mean?60% of the patients who receive a given dose will experience a particular effectwhich is the following list routes of administration from quickest to longest time before effects are experienced?both b & c are correct; (inhalation, sublingual, oral) (inhalation, intravenous, oral)_________ is the portion of the original drug dose that reaches its site of action or that reaches a fluid in the body that gives the drug access to its site of actonbioavailability____ means that the rate at which a drug is metabolized is independent of its concentration in the bloodzero-order kineticstrue/false: metabolites of some drugs cause unwanted side effects, while those of others cause desired psychoactive effectstrueonce in the bloodstream, orally-administered drugs pass through the _____ before reaching the brainliverone of the important factors about the _____ route of administration is that it bypasses all of our safety mechanismsintravenousthe presence of food in the stomach _______ absorption and ______ the amount of the drug in ones blood at any one time for orally administered drugsdelays; decreasesthe _____ is (are) primarily responsible for drug metabolism; the _____ is (are) the most important organ for exertion of drugs and their metabolitesliver; kidneys_____ is a term that refers to the reduced effect of a drug when another drug is presentantagonism_____ is the study of the biochemical and psychological effects of drugs and their mechanisms of actionpharmacodynamicswhich of the following is false?the dose-effect curve for all drugs is an S shape indicating there is a larger effect as the dose increaseshow many poppy seed bagels would need to be consumed in order to obtain a positive screen for opiates?100a drug that is taken sublingually isplaced under the tonguewhich of the following affect drug distributor?all of these (blood flow, fat solubility of the drug, diffusibility of membranes)the field of _____ is concerned with all information about the affects of drugs on living systemspharmacologyKara meets her friends every Thursday evening during which time she usually has 1-2 glasses of wine. other than that, she drinks maybe once a month on a date. ____ would be the best description of her level of use of alcoholhabitual/regular use_____ drugs are those that affect moods, thinking, and behaviorpsychoactiveT/F the criteria for substance use disorder are so clear that there is rarely disagreement about whether or not someone meets any specific criteriafalsewhat is a steroid?natural and synthetic chemical resembling hormones