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A sequence of pictures (frames) taken one after another. These are played at speed to make it seems as if it is a moving picture.

Frame Rate

The number of frames played per second. The higher the frame rate the less gittery and jumpy the 'video' will be.

Colour Depth

(Sometimes called Bit Depth) Gives us the number of colours that each pixel is able to be.


The number of pixels in a given area. It is measured in dots per inch or more often as Megapixles. The resolution may also be given as the physical dimensions of the screen e.g.(640 X 480)

Video Capture Card

This card takes the incoming data stream and translates it into a format that the computer can use. it performs any encoding or compression neccesary.

Reducing File Size

This can be done by ; Reducing the frame rate, Reducing the Bit Depth, Reducing the resolution, Cropping the image (Frames),Cutting the video (Removing unnecesary frames) or applying Compression.

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