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  1. solute
  2. suspension
  3. compound
  4. energy level
  5. displacement
  1. a place in an atom where an electron is most likely to be found
  2. b amount of water an object replaces
  3. c cloudy mixture of two or more substances that settle on standings
  4. d substance made up of two or more elements chemically combined
  5. e substance that is dissolved in a solvent

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  1. not able to dissolve
  2. substance in which a solute dissolves
  3. mixture in which one substance is evenly mixed with another substance
  4. two or more substances that have been mixed together but not chemically combined
  5. center, or core, of an atom

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  1. moleculeable to dissolve


  2. subscriptany element or compound


  3. dissolvego into solution


  4. protonsmallest part of an element that can be identified as that element


  5. electronneutral particle