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  1. atom
  2. subscript
  3. mass number
  4. L shell
  5. displacement
  1. a number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus of an atom
  2. b smallest part of an element that can be identified as that element
  3. c amount of water an object replaces
  4. d number written to the lower right of a chemical symbol
  5. e can hold up to 8 electrons

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  1. two or more substances that have been mixed together but not chemically combined
  2. any element or compound
  3. like an elastic net around the water that holds the molecules together
  4. negatively charged particle
  5. able to dissolve

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  1. K shellcan hold up to 18 electrons


  2. dissolvego into solution


  3. solventsubstance in which a solute dissolves


  4. nucleuscenter, or core, of an atom


  5. M shellcan hold up to 18 electrons