25 terms

Harder Math Vocabulary Words

a straight line connecting two points on a curve
the distance around the outside of a circle
composite number
a whole number greater than 1 that has more than two factors
the distance across a circle through its center
expanded notation
A way to write numbers that shows the value of each digit
greatest common factor
The largest factor that two or more numbers have in common.
a seven-sided polygon
a bar graph that shows the frequency of data within equal intervals
the longest side of a right triangle
least common denominator
The least common multiple of the denominators of two or more fractions.
least common multiple
the smallest multiple that is exactly divisible by every member of a set of numbers
a nine-sided polygon
A flat surface that goes on forever in all directions
prime number
A whole number that has exactly two factors, 1 and itself.
four regions into which a coordinate plane is divided by the x-axis and the y-axis
the length of a line segment between the center and circumference of a circle or sphere
the relative speed of progress or change
the relative magnitudes of two quantities (usually expressed as a quotient)
regular polygon
a polygon with all sides and all angles equal
repeating decimal
a decimal with a sequence of digits that repeats itself indefinitely
similar polygons
polygons that are the same shape but different sizes
straight angle
an angle of 180 degrees
terminating decimal
a decimal whose digits end
unit price
The price of a single item or amount (e.g., $3.50 per pound).
whole number
a number without fractions; an integer.