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United Nations

United Nations
An international organization formed after WWII to promote international peace, security, and cooperation.
Administrative arm of the United Nations
Universal Declarations of Human Rights
A 1948 statement in which the United Nations declared that all human beings have rights to life, liberty, and security.
domestic affairs
issues or concerns in one's own country
foreign affairs
A nation's relationships with other countries
a person representing a party/nation to another party/nation
Negotiation between nations
peace keeping
This peace role seeks long term solutions to problems, which may include the use of military force
peace making
This peace role gets opposing sides to come to an agreement in a peaceful way through diplomatic means
peace building
post conflict actions, predominantly diplomatic and economic, that strengthen and rebuild governmental infrastructure and institutions in order to avoid renewed recourse to armed conflict
what special powers does the members of the security council have?
name the 6 official languages of the United Nations
Arabic, French, English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish
Where is the main headquarters of the United Nations
In New York City; however, the land and buildings are international territory
what are the goals of the United Nations?
to preserve world peace by:
a) removing causes of conflict
b) encouraging economic, social, educational, and cultural progress throughout the world
UN Charter
The 1945 treaty that established the UN and outlined the principles of the organization and powers given to it.
When was the UN created?
a formal agreement under international law
a decision made by the United Nations
How many votes does each member of the UN General Assembly get?
General Assembly
every single member nation of the UN is part of this
Security Council
main organ within the UN responsible for maintaining peace and security; composed of 5 permanent and 10 rotating members with two year terms elected by the General Assembly
How many Countries are currently members of the United Nations?
Secretary General
the chief executive officer of the UN
Who is the current Secretary General of the United Nations?
Antonio Guitierrez
What is the governing body and the main decision making group of the United Nations
General Assembly
Role the United Nations Security Council
to discuss and vote on major security issues
Number of permanent members of the security council
Name the permanent members of the security Council
China, France, Russia, the U.K., and the U.S.
What are the UN Responsibilities?
peace making
peace keeping
peace building
human rights
equal rights
assist development
emergency assistance
helping refugees
League of Nations
A world organization established in 1920 to promote international cooperation and peace. It was first proposed in 1918 by President Woodrow Wilson, although the United States never joined the League. Essentially powerless, it was officially dissolved in 1946.
what are the 6 organs of the United Nations
1. Security Council
2. General Assembly
3. International Court of Justice
4. Economic and Social Council
5. Trusteeship Council
6. Secretariat
International Court of Justice
Headquartered at the Hague, the Court started work in April of 1946. The Court usually hears only cases brought before it by any of the 193 U.N. Member States, but has made several concessions over the years.
Trusteeship Council
responsibly for helping eleven territories that were not colonial possessions but also did not enjoy self government at the end of WWII
Economic and Social Council
agency of the UN whose duties are to study economic and social problems and to make recommendations to individual nations, the General Assembly, and other UN agencies
UN Ambassador
a countries representative to the United Nations