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6th Social Studies CRCT Review #2 Latin America, Caribbean, & Canada

Part 2 -- Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada
What is NAFTA? What does it do?
NORTH AMERICAN FREE TRADE AGREEMENT; removed trade barriers between US, Mexico, and Canada, making it easier for trade
What Canadian province would like to be independent? What language is spoken there?
Quebec; they speak French
What type of government does Canada have?
Parliamentary democracy/federal republic/constitutional monarchy (Great Britain's monarchy)
REMEMBER! In a parliamentary democracy, the people elect the __________ who then APPOINTS a ___________ (head of state). The citizens ________ vote for the Prime Minister!
REMEMBER! In a parliamentary democracy, the people elect the LEGISLATURE who then APPOINTS a Prime Minister (head of state). The citizens DO NOT vote for the Prime Minister!
Environmental issues of Canada
Air pollution and Acid Rain
Water pollution in the Great Lakes
Deforestation (Extraction of timber resources)
Extraction of natural resources on the Canadian Shield
What are the sources of chemicals in acid rain?
Coal -burning power plants, cars, and trucks.
What has Canada done to limit acid rain?
Passed laws to limit pollution - worked with factory owners to build factories that do not pollute and laws require automobiles to produce less pollution.
Where does 50-75% of acid rain in southern Canada come from?
The United States
What are the effects of Canada's environmental issues?
Wildlife has been killed. Fish in the Great Lakes has been reduced- this affects other wildlife as well as people who fish for a living.
Why to Canada the US have to work together to solve the problem of acid rain?
Canada and the US share the Great Lakes.
Why does the Canadian government have to work with the US to clean up the Great Lakes?
They are shared between the two countries.
What agreement did the US and Canada make to protect the Great Lakes?
The reduction of phosphorus which can produce algae bloom.
What is the Canadian Shield?
A large area of uplands surrounding the Hudson Bay.
Why is the Canadian Shield important?
Beneath the soil is one of Canada's most valuable resources - minerals. Gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, iron ore, uranium, and nickel.
Where do 1.5 million people make their living in Canada?
mining in the Canadian Shield
How is the mining industry in the Canadian Shield affecting the environment around it?
The extraction and smelting process can damage the environment. Canadian Shield is located to Canada's most densely populated area.
Why is the Canadian Shield valuable to the economy of Canada?
Valuable minerals and large source of employment.
Why are forest important to Canada's economy?
Plentiful - almost half of land in Canada is covered with forests. Supports loggers, timber mills, and factories for lumber and paper.
How are the environmental concerns in Canada similar to those in Europe?
Acid Rain and deforestation
What are the negative results of deforestation?
reduced water quality, erosion, loss of wildlife habitat and reduced oxygen.
What is being done to manage use of forests?
seedlings are planted each year.
What are the official languages of Canada?
English and French
Which two European countries had a major influence on Canada's development and culture? (two countries that fought over Canada)
Great Britain (UK) and France
What is the most common religion of Quebec?
Roman Catholic
Why is English the most common language in Canada?
Great Britain gained control of France as a result of the French and Indian War and Britain rule lasted into the 20th century. Settlers spread throughout Canada.
What was Canada allowed by the British North America Act of 1867?
Put the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec, and the new constitution titled the county of the Dominion of Canada. Allowed to have its own parliament and prime minister.
What was Canada not allowed as part of the British North America Act?
Make treaties with other countries or to be a part of the military of the UK.
What part of the British North America Act were Canadians against after WWI?
Wanted more control over foreign affairs.
After what event was Canada's independence from the UK granted?
What are Canada's three most important natural resources?
Minerals, timber, fish
Where do "separatists" live in Canada?
What is the mountain range on the southwestern side of Canada?
The Rocky Mountains
Where might you find valuable minerals in Canada?
The Canadian Shield
Where do most of the people in Canada live, and why?
Near the US/Canadian border. Warmer climate, trade with US
Why does Quebec want to become a sovereign (independent) state?
French Canadians felt that their language & culture might disappear
a. French language & culture was overwhelmed by English
b. Tired of feeling like second class citizens in their own country
What type of economic system does Canada have?
Who is the Prime Minister of Canada?
Stephen Harper
What is a major trade corridor that travels from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean?
The St. Laurence River
If Canada has a high literacy rate, what does this mean for the GDP
It would be higher
What is the leader of Parliament called?
Prime Minister
What climate type is predominant in Canada?
What is a Dominion
A self governing area
How does Canada's location affect trade?
It is easier to trade if you are located on a waterway
How does Canada's climate affect trade?
Harsh climates (like in northern Canada) makes trade more difficult
How does Canada's natural resources affect trade?
More natural resources = more trade
Why does Canada trade with the US more than an other country?
Canada is the US's neighbor to the north and this makes easy for Canada and the US to trade.
How does Canada's location, climate, and natural resources affect where people live?
People tend to live near natural resources, in milder climates and near water.
Where do most people live in Canada and why? (cities, farms, etc)
Most people in Canada live in urban areas (cities)- that's where the jobs are. Most of Canada's large cities are located close the United States border.
How did Canada become an independent nation?
peacefully over time
What is the structure of Canada's government?
Constitutional Monarchy
Federal System
Parliamentary democracy
What are some similarities/connections between England's government and Canada's government?
Constitutional Monarchy
Have a Prime minister
Have Parliament
Recognize Queen Elizabeth II as the head of state
Why does Canada not want to lose Quebec?
• Quebec contains a majority of the Canadian Shield and Canada's natural resources and forests.
• Huge economic help to country
• St. Lawrence River-Access to many waterways (shipping & trade)
Has Quebec won their independence?
What is the role of citizens in the Canadian government? How do you know?
Canada's citizens share many of the same rights and responsibilities as
citizens of the US, such as freedom of speech, religion, and press. They also
vote in national elections.
What are the bodies of water that you labeled on your Canada physical map?
Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean, the Great Lakes, Hudson Bay and the St. Lawrence River.
What is the literacy rate in Canada?
What kind of economy does Canada have?
Mixed economy-aspects of both market and command systems.
How does Canada's economy rank in the Economic Continuum Scale?
More aspects of market economy than command economy. Therefore close to the Market continuum.
What is one reason that businesses from different countries have to exchange currencies?
Currency is used to buy and sell goods and services.