21 terms

unit 9 social studies 7th

which mountian range seperates india and china?
the himalayans
what is the main river of pakistan?
the indus river
what is the main river of india?
the ganges river
what are the two main rivers of china?
the yangtze and the yellow river
what are the two main deserts of china?
the Gobi and the taklimakan
what body of water is EAST of india?
the bay of bengal
what body of water is WEST of india?
the indian ocean
into which body of water does the huage he river empty?
the yellow sea
where is the majority of india's population located?
along the ganges river
hindi is the lingua franca of india; mandarin chinese is the lingua franca of china; what is a lingua franca?
a universal language used for business
why did china decide to build three gorges dam?
to stop flooding and create energy
what do hindus and buddhists both believe in?
they both believe in recarnation and karma
to be free of suffering, what do buddhists believe must be given up?
they believe you must give up selfish disires
which two major world religions were founded in india?
hinduism and buddhism were founded in india
what are the three main traditional religions of china?
conuclanism, taoism, and buddhism
list four functions of the ganges river in india
religious;used for drinking water;way of transportation;used to wash and bathe
what are the two main traditional religions of japan?
shinstoism and buddhism
what are contributes to air polution in china and india?
the use of factories and many cars;burning coal and wood
the climate of india is affected by sesonal winds called _____ that drop almost 200 inches of rain every 6 months
what is the difference between an ethnix group and a religious group?
ethnic groups share common languages and are more of the appearence of someone; religion is what people practice and believe
where do the majority of people live in china and why?
most people live in the east; this is because of the rivers;also because on the rivers and oceans come trade and farm land.