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Ch 5 The Struggle to Find Colonies Study Guide

What happened to people who disagreed (dissenters) with the Puritan laws?
They were forced to leave their home and community.
What originally brought the English to North America to establish colonies?
They hoped to find gold, or other natural resources.
What type of government was finally established in Jamestown?
A type of self- government called the Virginia House of Burgesses.
What was the name of the river controlled by the Dutch after searching for the Northwest Passage?
Hudson River
Which colonies were established by the French while searching for the Northwest Passage?
Quebec and New France.
List several problems faced by the Pilgrims after settling at Plymouth.
1. Land low and swampy 2. had disease carrying mosquitoes 3. water not healthy to drink 4 they did not plant crops and build houses soon after arrival
What led to the beginning of many of the Middle and Southern Colonies?
They were formed when King Charles gave away large land grants for various reasons.
What was the biggest difference between one New England Colony and another?
Religious beliefs
What is the main reason why Pilgrims chose to leave their homeland?
They were persecuted because they wanted to separate from the Church of England.
Why did the Puritans send small groups of settlers ahead of the rest?
They sent the group ahead to get the colony started and save them from starvation.
What helped the settlers of Jamestown survive and avoid starvation?
John Smith was elected leader, and traded with Chief Powhatan-corn from the Powhatan helped keep the colonists alive.
What event caused the Spanish to get very angry at the English?
Sir Francis Drake attacked their ships and stole their gold. He was called the "master thief" by the Spanish.
Name the first colony established by the English in North America.
(They attempted Roanoke Island) but Jamestown was the first established.
What helped the settlement of Quebec to grow and become successful?
Beaver fur, which was plentiful and sold for huge profits in Europe.
What was the original destination of the Pilgrims? Why did they end up in Plymouth?
Virginia. They were pushed off course because of storms.
Who contributed to the survival of the Pilgrims?
Squanto, a native American, showed the Pilgrims the best hunting and fishing areas, and taught them how to grow corn.
Which colonies had the longest growing season?
The Southern Colonies