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AP Euro Test 24 & 25

Newspaper distributed to the masses, when first introduced, were characterized by:
stories about sensational crimes and political scandals.
Reading material for the masses contributed to all of the following except:
censorship inflicted on publishers in Western Europe.
Auguste Comte developed the theory of:
The Accepted father of popular science fiction was:
Jules Verne
Darwin's Descent Of Man was:
perceived as a devastating blow to human pride.
Who contended that the story of Jesus was a myth?
David Friedrich Strauss.
Otto Von Bismarck's Kulturkampf:
was a failure.
The doctrine of papal infallibility was first formally promulgated in:
The rule of papal infallibility could be considered as all of the following except a:
Precursor to the syllabus of errors.
The Salif belief system held all of the following except:
Arabs should modernize themselves on the basis of a modified version of Islam.
Christian missionaries blamed Islam for all of the following except
its lack of adequate educational systems.
Who discovered x-rays?
Wilhem Roentgen
The first genuinely realistic novel is considered to be:
Madame Bovary
What was the most popular painting style in the 20th century, as judged by attendance at museums?
What was the most important work by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche?
The Birth of Tragedy
____suggested that the earth is much older than the Bible indicates and implied that God was not involved in the effort required to create Earth.
Charles Lyell
The conflict around church and the state centered on
The Irish writer _____ argued against romanticism and false respectability.
George Shaw
Cubist painters Georges Braque and _____ saw painting as an autonomous realm of art with no purpose beyond itself.
Pablo Picasso
By 1900, the literacy rate hovered at about 85 percent in all of the following countries Except:
Liberals and conservatives recognized that:
minimal education was needed for orderly political behavior of new votes.
In On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin presented theories on all of the following ideas except:
the laws of heredity
Who believed that the struggle against one's fellow human beings was an ethical imperative?
Herbert Spencer
Who believed that the struggle in nature demonstrated how human beings should not behave?
Thomas Henry Huxley
Friedrich Nietzche portrayed Christianity as a religion that:
glorified weakness.
Sigmund Freud embraced all of the following except:
Max Weber believed:
the emergence of rationalism was a major development in human history.
Theodor Herzel:
called for a separate Jewish state in which Jewish rights and liberties would be protected.
In London, what group excluded women from its ranks, claiming that discussion of primitive people was an unfit subject for females?
The Ethnological Society
What type of view of women emerged in late-19th century fiction and art?
a misogynistic view
T.H. Huxley claimed to have found:
scientific proof of female inferiority.
Who pioneered contraception clinics in London?
Marie Stopes.
The contagious disease acts in England were designed to:
protect men from contracting diseases from prostitutes.
In Room of One's Own, Virginia Woolf did all of the following except:
delineate the difficulties of poor women in being taken seriously as intellectuals.
By 1914, which of the following were true?
British colonization touched north, south, east, and west Africa.
The "open door policy":
allowed all nations to trade in China on equal terms.
Which of the following statements is true concerning colonization in Asia from 1880-1914?
British dominance in Asia grew from 1880-1914
The triple alliance forged by Bismarck consisted of the following countries:
Germany, austria, Italy
William II wanted:
a navy and colony like like Britain's
The Second Morocco Crisis brought Britain closer to:
According the Schlieffen Plan of 1905, which of the following was supposed to happen?
German troops would move west to ransack France and then move to the eastern front.
Colonel T. E. Lawrence played a key role in the war in:
The Middle East
Woodrow Wilson viewed the war was
A glorious chance to make the world safe for democracy
Initially the soviets:
allowed the provisional government to function without actually supporting it.
Shortly after seizing power, the Bolsheviks did all of the following except:
send more troops to fight Germany.
Contemporaries referred to WWI as the
Great War
The Peace Treaty signed in Paris in 1920 between Turkey and the allies dismembered:
The Ottoman Empire
In the Peace talks that ended WWI, Germany:
was forced to accept terms dictated by the victors.
At the Versailles peace talks, Germany signed a treaty:
accepting blame for WWI and requiring Germany to pay $5 billion a year in reparations.
Russia's interventions in Ottoman lands spurred the British to coin a new word for super patriotism:
William II believed that dismissing Bismarck in 1890 would help him secure Germany's deserved "place in the _____"
If Germany had not invaded Luxembourg and ____, British opinion might have continued to favor neutrality.
The Red Army was led by:
Leon Trotsky
The disintegration of the German army forced ____ to abdicate on No. 9th, 1918.
William II