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Forensics CHP14-Study Guide

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Line quality: Are the lines smooth, free-flowing, and rhythmic, or shaky, nervous, and wavering?
Spacing of words and letters: Examine the average amount of space between words and letters. Is the spacing consistent in the questioned and known documents?
Ratio of relative height, width, and size of letters: What are the overall height, width, and size of the letters in both the known and questioned documents? Are they consistent?
Pen lifts and separations: Check how the writer stops to form new letters and begin words. Forgeries may have pen lifts or separations in unusual places, for instance within a single letter.
Connecting strokes: Compare how capital letters are connected to lowercase letters and how strokes connect between letters and between words.
Beginning and ending strokes: Compare how the writer begins and ends a word, number, or letter. Are the strokes straight, curled, long, or short? Are they made on the upstroke or downstroke?
Unusual letter formation: Look for unusual letter formation; for instance, letters written backward, letters with a tail, or unusual capitals.
Shading or pen pressure: Individuals use different amounts of pressure with a pen or pencil, making the lines lighter or darker, narrower or wider. Check for pressure on the downward and upward strokes.
Slant: Does the writing slant to the left or right, or is it straight up and down? Are some letters consistently slanted more or less than others?
Baseline habits: Does the writing tend to follow a straight horizontal line, or move downward or upward? Is it above or below the baseline?
Flourishes or embellishments: Are there any fancy letters, curls, loops, circles, double loops, or underlines?
Placement of diacritics Check the crossing of t's and dotting of i's, j's, or any other letters or punctuation marks. Is the cross on the t long in proportion to the stem? Is it located to the left or right of the stem? Are the i's dotted above or to the right or left of the stem?