stratum germinativium
lies on top if the dermis and thus has access to a rich supply of blood
subcutaneous layer
is composed primary of loose connective and adipose tissue
herpes or shingle
if skin reflect skin lesson,,,and pain along the path of the nerve
staphyloccocal sindrome
if skin reflect scaled skin syndrome or the skin appears scaled and peel off in layers
develop hive, or uticaria
if skin reflect a drug reaction to penicillin?
develop a rash that can progress to a lethal syndrome call Stevenson johnson
if skin reflect a drug reaction to sulfa ?
a callus
if skin constant irritation or rubbing on an area it develop?
produce an over growth of epidermal cell call a corn
skin constant irritation or rubbing on a toe it develop?
revealed the stress level and outside temperature
person have no melanin
no melanin in certain area
alot of melanin in one area
yellow skin
pink colordermis
that the area of the skin have little melanin
blood rushed fast to the skin
scared white as sheet
a person who is scared,,expirience striction of the blood vessal and decrees the amount of oxygenated of blood
black and blue
blood have escape blood vessel and is call cchymosis
or oil gland are associated with hair folliclebody that have hair and are found in all area of
sweat gland
are located in the dermis the name implied these gland secret sweat
apocrine and the eccrine
what are the two types of sweat gland?
are associate with hair follice and are found in genitals areas
eccrine gland
are more numerous and widley distributed of sweat glands