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  1. primordial
  2. Post <L.
  3. posterity
  4. premonition
  5. vanguard
  1. a after
  2. b the anterior position in an army; leaders of a movement, group
  3. c future generations; somebody's decendants
  4. d a warning in advance
  5. e primeval; original; fundemantal

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  1. first
  2. showy, pompous
  3. before
  4. of a period before a war, especially the American civil war
  5. a thing or event that precedes; the noun to which a pronoun precedes

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  1. predestinationthe belief that what happens in human life has already been determined by some higher power


  2. posteriorfuture generations; somebody's decendants


  3. Ante <L.before


  4. precepta command or a rule


  5. posthumousoccuring or continuing after death, especially a work published after the author's death or a child born after the father's death