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  1. antecedent
  2. Primus <L.
  3. primate
  4. prime
  5. preposterous
  1. a first
  2. b an archbishop or bishop who ranks the highest among others; a member of the order that includes monkeys, apes, and numans
  3. c a thing or event that precedes; the noun to which a pronoun precedes
  4. d absurd
  5. e first in rank or importance; to prepare something or someone for use or action

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  1. first in time or importance; a president
  2. before
  3. future generations; somebody's decendants
  4. the belief that what happens in human life has already been determined by some higher power
  5. ahead of the times; a group that is ahead of the times

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  1. preempt, pre-emptto take possession of some of something before anyone else can do so


  2. posteriorsituated at the back


  3. Ante <L.after


  4. pretentiousshowy, pompous


  5. primordialprimeval; original; fundemantal


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