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Visual Art Final Exam 1

There are no absolute guidelines for judging __________ in art.
When someone pays an artist to create a work of art it is called
True or False. A naive artist is someone who has never been formally trained in the techniques of art.
The work, Ancestors of the Passage: A Healing Journey through the Middle Passage by __________ treats the subject of slavery and its effects on women.
Chris Ofili
Susumu Kinoshita
Diego Rivera
Imna Arroyo*
True or False. In Western society, the acceptance of art by women and artists of color has been subject to racial and gender stereotyping.
Piet Mondrian's Composition (B) En Bleu, Jaune, et Blanc (Composition in Blue, Yellow, and White) is an example of
natural-looking landscape
nonobjective, or nonrepresentational, painting*
a Rococo painting style
dramatic use of light and shadow
Idealization in art is a form of
hero worship
deep thinking
True or False. A work of art can be judged from very different points of view.
Vera Mukhina's Machine Tractor Driver and Collective Farm Girl is an example of
a genre scene
sociopolitical content*
An artist who uses abstraction as an approach is
using mathematical formulas to figure out composition.
extracting the essence of the real object.*
faithfully representing the physical appearance of an object.
painting on a very small scale.
Maya Ying Lin said she wanted her Vietnam Veterans' Memorial to be
a dark world, like the war itself
a reminder to visitors of the government's role
honest about the reality of war*
none of the above
For Paul Klee, the act of artistic creation seemed to be a way of approaching
the unseen*
the perfect lifestyle
political awareness
Ludwig Hohlwein's poster is an example of
spiritual purpose
Wanting to stop art from being shown because of moral beliefs is called
In the formalist approach the chief emphasis to judging quality in art is on
attending high-quality art auctions.
following the rules set forth by the Academy
being a recognized art critic.
how the artist manipulates elements of design*
Richard Diebenkorn's Ocean Park paintings are examples of
natural-looking landscapes
non-objective paintings*
a Rococo painting style
dramatic use of light and shadow
_____ is(are) usually necessary for someone to be able to create art from the ideas in his/her imagination.
money and good connections.
paint and pencils
luck and prayers
training and practice*
True or False. Georgia O'Keeffe wanted to paint an exact representation of what she saw in nature.
Ideals of beauty are
culturally influenced*
only found in Classical Greek art
impossible to paint
the FIRST purpose of the applied arts is to
serve some useful function*
enable the artist to get a job
create artworks for museums
maintain traditional art forms
Real-world objects taken from trash heaps and used in art are called
life's waste
found objects*
land art
The sculptor Henry Moore was interested in the interplay between
wood and marble
animals and landscapes
positive form and negative space*
viewers and critics
A mark or area that is significantly longer than it is wide may be perceived as
linear perspective
a picture plan
a line*
In art the term "scale" refers to
relative size*
the weight of sculpture
texture of surface
range of colors used
the surface quality of a work is called
satin finish
When two-dimensional images are made to look three-dimensional it is called
Atmospheric perspective is a way to
depict clouds in different ways
paint natural forces
focus the light in a room on a painting
show deep space by making distant things hazy*
Edward Steichen's photograph Rodin: The Thinker is a good example of the use of
bronze casting
value and contrast*
During the Renaissance, European painters developed the technique of chiaroscuro, which means
light and shade*
real and artificial
modern and antique
black and white
The shapes in Matisse's painting The Snail are called hard-edged because
he used a ruler
their boundaries are clearly distinguished*
they represent brick walls
the colors look like steel
True or False. Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate employs reflected light to capture the viewer's attention
Three-dimensional art in the full round is designed to be seen
from one vantage point
from all sides*
from a distance
up close
Alexander Calder's Cow uses _________ lines to create a sense of three-dimensionality and to emphasize the overall form of the image.
Linear perspective is a mathematical system used to show
the ratio of horizontal and vertical lines
recession in space*
ideal length of picture plan
distance to stand away from painting
When the figure and ground are about equal in area an artist can create a _____, in which either color can be interpreted as lying on top of the other.
grounding digures
figure-ground dispersal
figure-ground reversal*
figures on grounds
The shapes in Helen Frankenthaler's painting Mauve District are called hard-edged because
she used a ruler
boundaries are clearly distinguished*
represent brick walls
colors look like steel
When a visual effect is so realistic it fools our perception it is called
trompe l'oeil*
vantage point
True or False. The Futurists were most interested in capturing a single moment in time in a static image
True or False. Colors that are described as warm have the optical effect of receding in space
Michael Heizer's City Complex I, which has an enduring, monumental effect, is an example of a __________ sculpture.
Rhythm can be achieved by using
shape or form
all of the above*
The golden rectangle is a way of establishing the
ideal proportion of space*
focal point of religious building
size of picture frame to painting
relative size of building to outside enviornment
The chest from the Haida culture is an example of symmety because
it uses organic forms
it has major figure right int he middle
it uses a lot of vertical lines
the left side and the right side are identical*
True or False. Rhythm in art can be compared with rhythm in music
In Essence Mulberry, Helen Frankenthaler's use of gray paint the same color as the ground creates a
local color
The use of multiple triangles by Lucy Pettway in her artwork Birds in the Air exemplifies the organizing principle of
conceptual art
political content
The ___________ was (were) critical to Frank Gehry in designing the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum
environmental setting*
materials of structure
open spaces of city
all of the above
True or False. In the rock garden of Ryoan-ji Temple (fig. 3-42) the relationship of sand to rocks and rock to rock formed out of meditation on the universe, not on adherence to a human system
Instead of using mathematical devices to unify the image in The Boating Party, Pierre-Auguste Renoir employed
color and the objects in the scene to link groups of people*
linear perspective to organize the space
vertical and horizontal lines to form a grid
high realism to clarify the forms
In Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper, Christ is the most important figure, and his place in the composition is as the
center of gravity
horizon line
focal point*
A way of using the principle of variety so that two dissimilar things are compared is commonly called
If an artist is drawing the human figure in proportion
arms and legs must be visible
drawing must be of real person
head is most important part
each body part should be relative size*
Because __________ there is visual tension created in Nancy Graves' work Trace.
it uses too many colors
intentionally unbalanced*
curved lines and straight lines in same work
use of bronze and steel catches light
True or False. Variety is expressed through transitions which are defined as rapid changes from one state to another.
True or False. All works of art have a focal point
The use of multiple similar torsos by Magdalena Abakanowicz in her piece Backs is an example of the organizing principle of
conceptual art
political content
Balance is a principle of design based on the
visual weight on assigns to parts of work*
ratio of height of a picture to width
scale of sculpture
number of colors used in image
Repetition can be used in decorative works to create an all-over
interpretive value
Jose Orozco used repetition in his painting "Zapatistas" to give the sense of
beats in single movement
unified whole
mass of figures, moving forward
all of the above*
The implied triangle is a common formula for unifying compositional lines because it is
shape made by Christ on cross
highly stable shape*
easy for artists to draw
During its history in China, brush and ink painting was
considered spiritually expressive*
commercial enterprise, painting on commission
hidden from the emperor
none of the above
True or False. There are special crayons made of grease for use in lithographic printing.
Conte crayon is
produced in range of pastel colors
versatile and used for softness or sharp lines*
difficult to sharpen
greasy and gives shine to work
Pen and ink is essentially a __________ medium.
Of the tools for drawing that are classified as "dry" the most commonly used is
graphite pencil*
pen and ink
The subtle value gradations Leonardo da Vinci created with chalk in "The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and John the Baptist" are called
local color
Leonardo da Vinci's "The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and John the Baptist" is a full-sized chalk drawing done as a model for a painting. This work is, thus, called a
presentation drawing
True or False. Charcoal can only be used in quick, sketchy manner
The use of silverpoint for drawing diminished because
artists began using graphite pencils*
silver holder hurt the hands of artist
silver turned dark when exposed to air
it couldn't be used to show shadows/textures
True or False. The best artist's papers are made with rags.
Pen and ink drawings like Picasso's "Three Female Nudes Dancing" are difficult to execute because
point of pen may catch in paper and splatter ink*
it's difficult to control the pen
width of lines the pen produces are unpredictable
there is no variation to pen points
In his drawing "Fish Skeletons" Hyman Bloom reverses the usual technique for pen and ink by
showing only contour lines
using alot of hatching to create shading
using white ink on dark paper*
creating spatial values
Artist's often use graphite pencils for drawing
b/c they have lead in them
b/c they can get different effects due to many grades of hardness*
when they run out of pen and ink
if they ware working outdoors
Kathe Kollwitz's "Self-Portrait with a Pencil" shows that charcoal is often used because
can be used for fie, delicate lines
smudges easily allows artist's to exploit effects in toning image*
artist's like broad range of colors it comes in
it never comes off the paper
The word "pastel" is usually associated with ________ tones.
dark and smoky
brilliant jewel-like
primary color
The fresh transparent effect in Winslow Homer's The Gulf Stream is typical of
Vermeer's painting Girl with a Pearl Earring is a good example of the use of
True or False. Collage was introduced as an art form in the early twentieth century
Frank demonstrates how Chuck Close creates monumental photorealistic human heads with flawless gradations in value by using
finely sharpened graphite penciles
acrylic paint applied with airbrush*
oil paint
tempera, to get matte finish
True or False. Drawing and painting are two separate things, with no similarities between them.
In early tempera paintings that used gold leaf, the gold was applied
over a surface of red gilder's clay, then burnished*
directly to sticky surface of animal glue
top of gold paint
only on frame, never on painting
For his painting "Portrait of a Young Man," Bronzino prepared many drawings, using the __________ method.
Typical of __________ is the medium's liquid transparent airiness as seen in Joseph Mallord William Turner's.
One of the main properties of tempera paint is
looks very glossy b/c of egg yolk base
colors can be blended well on surface
dries quickly to matte finish*
does not require much preparation
The Young Woman with a Gold Pectoral is an example of the early method of painting known as __________ in which pigment is suspended in hot wax.
spectrum of color
Marc Chagall's The Crow Who Wanted to be an Eagle uses the __________ medium.
buon fresco
True or False. Encaustic must always be kept cool while it is being applied.
For his huge murals of Mexican political history, Diego Rivera __________.
designed the entire scene
did mural during the summer
worked in short burst's of activity
sketched directly onto the wall with red chalk*
Some nonobjective painters of the twentieth century worked on unsized canvas
so they could cut it to whatever size they wanted
b/c they wanted to mold into different shapes
so paint would be absorbed right into canvas*
when they were passed for time and could not size
Mosaic is (are) __________ whose subtle effects can be viewed in The Battle of Issus.
only seen in secular works from antiquity today
done by single master who works alone
ancient technique of embedding small tiles*
both A and B
The edition of The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer published by William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones is a good example of __________.
harmony of design*
quality of modern machine printing
mass-produced book illustration
all of the above
The art of designing letter forms is called
In 1525, Albrecht Durer published an influential book about _____.
designing advertisements
using geometry for designing letters
correct pens to use for letting
A good graphic design will _______.
consider taste and interest of public
elicit certain feelings toward a product
lure the public into wanting to know more
all of the above*
Paul Rand, who designed the IBM logo, believed that corporate logos should _____.
consist of simple, universal, & timeless shapes*
include image of company president
spell out whole name of company
stay fresh by using images that change public
The image by Alberto Seveso used for the cover of a magazine about computer arts includes elements suggesting the ___________,
gender of computer artist
limitations of digital medium
unraveled strands of comp circuitry*
wasteful use of electricity
Although graphic design is for commercial purposes, some designs, like Toulouse-Lautrec's poster, have been treated like __________.
packing material
fine art*
drawing paper
Graphic designers are people who
design two-dimensional images for commercial
convey information to public
use words and imagery together
all of the above*
Typefaces are often chosen according to the _____ messages they convey.
economical and psychological
all of the above
True or False. Toulouse-Lautrec used color lithography for his poster in order to create a one-of-a-kind portrait of his client.
True or False. In 1976, Peter Good designed the "I Love New York" slogan of a red heart between black, block letters that was designed to promote tourism to the city.
For The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones created a special Gothic __________
book cover
kind of paper
story line
The packaging designed by Mihoko Hachiuma for Soleil foods __________.
was chosen by a public contest
uses the woodcut technique for printing labels
gives an elegant handmade look*
all of the above
The typeface serif ____.
gives elegant, calligraphic flourishes
leads our eye through a word
originally based on Roman alphabet
all of the above*
The advertisement for the Chicago Spire shown in Wallpaper Magazine relies on __________
typeface of logo
sparse illustration*
specific words used to describe clothing
celebrity shows in ad
At the end of the nineteenth century the ____________ movement sought to make photographs look like paintings.
The photographs of Ansel Adams have played a major role in
landscape paintings
locating parcels of land for commercial
land conservation efforts*
pictorialist photograpjy
The filmmaker Satyajit Ray is well known for _____.
disaster films that tell story of India
animated films
films that capture lives of ordinary people*
The computer-generated images used in realistic movies to show things like alien invasions, explosions, or tornadoes are called
special effects*
imitations of life
rashomon effects
The purpose of Dante Gabriel Rossetti's photograph of Jane Morris was to
serve a study of drawing*
illustrate posture to anatomy
create formal photographic portrait
experiment with flash photography
One problem with the daguerreotype is _____.
colors are not true to life
lengthy time needed for exposures*
images are neither precise nor accurate
does not work in sunlight
This film uses 4 separate and conflicting points of view to make a statement about truth.
Ttriumph of the Will
Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
In a film, the splicing together of a variety of shots at the editing stage is called a
Dorothea Lange's photograph Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California, is an example of _____________ photography.
In the 1920s __________ formed the "straight photography" movement
Elizabeth Sunday
Alfred Stieglitz
Edward Weston*
Olivia Parker
From the time of the Renaissance, some artists used a camera obscura, which was a _____.
hidden camera
mechanical drawing device
device for keeping unwanted light
dark room/box that used light to show images*
True or False. Digital imaging can build up lushly detailed works; simultaneously, it can delete details so that the focus falls upon a single object.
The word photography is Greek for _____.
"light in a box"
"writing with light"*
"pictures without words"
"images on paper"
When a single scene in a film continues for several minutes with no break it is called
deep focus shot
extended take*
True or False. The camera can capture only as much as the human eye can perceive.