19 terms

Friedland AF 131-156

Who is mansa
mother''s nickname
who is petel
peter's nickname
how long is a fortnight
two weeks
what does anne have a craze for
what color eyes does peter w have
what color eyes does peter in the annex have
what is the book that everyone is reading
cloudless morn
who does anne love
what does mummy get for her birthday from mr koophuius
extra sugar rations
who is boche
the male warehouse cat
why does anne see boche
so peter can prove that boche is a boy
what does mr. kraler bring with him on mondays
cinema and theater
what is one thing the free netherlands do
forge identity cards
what was a possible outcome of the germans invading holland
they might try to flood amsterdam
if they flood, what s one possible height
one meter
what was everyone doing on sundry night except for pin and anne
listening to "immortal music of the german masters"
when is margot's birthday
february 16
what was anne looking for for margot's birthday
what day of the week does anne dislike