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Reflective learning communities(5)
Communities of of teachers who meet regularly to reflect on instructional methods.
Student advisory Council(5)
Made up of the principal and a balanced number of elected teachers, students, parents, and diverse community members
Diagnostic assessment (4)
Assessment useful in determining a student's prior knowledge.
Requires higher level thinking skills(1)
Students design their own circuit boards to demonstrate the difference between series and parallel circuits.
Florida consent decree (7)
Ensure that all students with limited English proficiency must be identified and assessed, and details the procedures for the placements, monitoring, and exiting of students from the ESOL program.
Norm-referenced test
Test compares the performance of an individual student to a large population of students
To prepare students for year-end assessment you should
Present the test in a familiar format.
Changes to the way a child learns
Changes to what a child learns.
Reading aloud to students is good because (8)
Allows teacher to model fluency, devlops oral language, increases student vocaulary, help students develop basic linguistic patterns, allows teachers to model predictive skills.
Home Language Survey (7)
Used to identify English language Learners when they initially enroll in a Florida school.
After a Summative Assessment, 80 percent of class struggle with a skill(5)
Evaluate how the relating concept was taught and how the question was phrased.
Deductive Thinking(1)
Ex: Students are told how horizontal and vertical motions are independent of each other, and then predict how projectiles will travel when launched at various speeds from various heights.
When choosing computer software for the classroom it is important to select products that(3)
Provide immediate feedback
Student asked to repeat a series of letters and numbers backwards and then is giving puzzles to solve what type of assessment is the student taking?(4)
Intelligence test
An example of Divergent assessment questions are(4)
Essay questions are Divergent as they have a multitude of answers.
An example of convergent questions are(4)
Multiple choice, fill in the blank and true and false questions as they "converge" or close in on the correct answer.
An example of a student-centered classroom features(2)
Student desks that are arranged in the center of the room facing each other for group work.
Parent gives a teacher an expensive gift the teacher should(6)
Return the gift if accepting it will influence the teachers professional judgment.
Mastery objectives should (1)
Reflected state standards and be tailored to the ability level of all students.
When a quiet new student joins the class the teacher should(2)
Assign him a buddy student to help him feel more comfortable.
Students will generate a higher-quality answer for an essay question if(4)
The essay prompt is accompanied by rubric.
Planning a lesson on the six kingdoms in biology. What graphic organizer would be appropriate for the students to record what they learn(1)
You would use a concept map. Concept maps are effective for developing ideas and categorizing information. A concept map for the six kingdoms in biology could have the title in the center of each of the six kingdoms connected to the center topic.
Venn diagram(1)
A Venn diagram is used to compare and contrast two topics.
5 W's chart(1)
5 W's chart is used with a selection of text to record who what when where and why.
Fishbone diagram(1)
The fishbone diagram is used to show cause and effect relationships.
Action research(5)
Practice where teachers record their teaching then assess its effectiveness.
Students are more likely to demonstrate academic success in a second language when(7)
They have been successful in their native language.
Most important aspect of teachers professional development goals are(5)
Based on student needs
By teaching students to monitor their own behavior the teacher(2)
Maintains good classroom management.
Characteristics of a short-term objectives are that they(1)
Specifically targets one skill; are measurable and quantitative; and include a time limit to meet the objective.
Antidotal records(5)
Most effective to reference when discussing off task behavior in class with parents.
Teachers record student behavior in(5)
Anecdotal records
A teacher telling their students that they are prepared for a major an exam is an example of(3)
Self-fulfilling prophecy
Positive feedback and constructive criticism are delivered after(3)
An evaluation.
Test taking skills include(3)
Identifying keywords, eliminating response options, and making educated guesses.
Biggest obstacle to scheduling professional development is(5)
Finding time to attend sessions
In a culturally responsive classroom(1)
Teacher acknowledges diverse students and finds ways for them to connect with each other and the subject matter.
If a student struggles with word problems the teachers First Step should be(1)
Verify that the word problems are on an appropriate reading level.
Total Physical response (TPR) (7)
A technique that matches specific physical movements to classroom instruction to increase student motivation and retention.
Total Physical response (TPR) is great for what kind of learners(7)
Kinesthetic learners.
Having students create a cartoon strip as a final product would appeal most to what kind of students (3)
Spatial Students would be motivated most by producing a pictur representation of what they have learned.
Linguistic students would prefer to Express knowledge through(3)
Language in a written and auditory format.
Bodily kinesthetic students would prefer to express knowledge through(3)
Acting out what they have learned.
Interpersonal students would prefer to express knowledge through(3)
Mediating on what they have learned and how they have learned it.
When writing a lesson plan always start with(1)
A state standard
According to Howard Gardner students with high intrapersonal intelligence(3)
prefer lessons that ask them to self-reflect.
According to Howard Gardner Students with high logical/ mathematical intelligence prefer(3)
Word problems.
According to Howard Gardner Students with high bodily kinesthetic intelligences(3)
work well with their hands
Visually impaired student can benefit from(2)
Using a talking word processor.
Teachers can help students be intrinsically motivated by(3)
Teaching them to use self praise.
Think aloud's in the classroom help students by(8)
1) requiring students to read a problem, then talk their way through the solution by speaking the steps allowed while questioning their own Logic for reasonableness.

2) requiring students to slow down the reading process and internally monitor what they are reading.
A teacher should wait 5 seconds after asking a question before calling on a student for the answer in order to(2)
To allow different speeds of learner to formulate an answer
Drawback to assigning digital lessons is(3)
Some students do not have access to a computer on the
According to the code of ethics principles of professional conduct, teachers are obligated to(6)
Contact abuse hotline and report abuses or suspicion
Teachers have to be careful when allowing students to email work to school because(3)
Emails might contain viruses.