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  1. frog
  2. bone
  3. no
  4. sharks rays hagfish lampreyes
  5. vertebral column and skull
  1. a do reptiles ever have gills
  2. b have skeletons made of cartilage
  3. c the two main parts that the endoskeleton consists of
  4. d the strong supporting structure of vertebrates
  5. e amphibian that goes through metamorphosis

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  1. an animal that has a backbone
  2. group of snakes is equipped with a heat detector
  3. is known to have exactly 2 sets of teeth
  4. blood that contains little oxygen
  5. the one sense that snakes dont have

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  1. heart muscleswhat the walls of a vertebrate heart chamber are made of


  2. hagfishthe respiratory structures that have capillaries close to their surfaces to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide in water


  3. sticky, long, stretchy, attached at the front of the mouthwhat happens to the tail of a tadpole as it changes to a frog


  4. oxygenated bloodblood that carries an abundant amount of oxygen


  5. spinal cordwhat the spinal nerves branch off