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  1. hagfish
  2. vertebral column and skull
  3. liver
  4. lungs
  5. tuatara
  1. a has no jaws
  2. b the reptile that is only found in New Zealand
  3. c the two main parts that the endoskeleton consists of
  4. d the organ that produces bile
  5. e the air chambers inside an animal's body where blood can get oxygen and give off carbon dioxide

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  1. what the spinal nerves branch off
  2. have skeletons made of cartilage
  3. the part of the nervous system that connects to the central nervous system
  4. do reptiles ever have gills
  5. hibernation in hot dry weather

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  1. deoxygenated bloodblood that contains little oxygen


  2. 2 chambered heartthe one sense that snakes dont have


  3. they are double hingedthe one sense that snakes dont have


  4. it resorbs the tail for energywhat happens to the tail of a tadpole as it changes to a frog


  5. bonedo reptiles ever have gills