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  1. diaphragm
  2. deoxygenated blood
  3. oxygenated blood
  4. hagfish
  5. endoskeleton
  1. a a dome shaped muscle that seperates the chest chamber from the abdomen in many animals and in humans; important to breathing
  2. b has no jaws
  3. c an internal skeleton; usually made of cartilage and bone
  4. d blood that carries an abundant amount of oxygen
  5. e blood that contains little oxygen

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  1. what the walls of a vertebrate heart chamber are made of
  2. have skeletons made of cartilage
  3. characteristics of frogs tongues
  4. do reptiles ever have gills
  5. hibernation in hot dry weather

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  1. lizardkomodo dragon is an example of what


  2. thin, smooth, moistcharacteristics of amphibian skin


  3. frogdo reptiles ever have gills


  4. sensory organan organ that consists of many sensory receptors and various tissues needed to keep the receptors functioning


  5. toadslays their eggs in strings in the water