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  1. it resorbs the tail for energy
  2. ectothermic
  3. frog
  4. liver
  5. lungs
  1. a refers to animals that can't control their body temperatures by internal means; cold-blooded
  2. b what happens to the tail of a tadpole as it changes to a frog
  3. c is known to have exactly 2 sets of teeth
  4. d the air chambers inside an animal's body where blood can get oxygen and give off carbon dioxide
  5. e the organ that produces bile

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  1. how does a fish move
  2. the structures that filter wastes from the blood in vertebrate; manufactures urine
  3. do reptiles ever have gills
  4. how many chambers do fish have
  5. blood that contains little oxygen

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  1. terrapinturtle that spends a portion of its life in fresh water and can go on land


  2. vertebratean animal that has a backbone


  3. sticky, long, stretchy, attached at the front of the mouthwhat happens to the tail of a tadpole as it changes to a frog


  4. alligatorsis more prevalent in the United States


  5. lizardkomodo dragon is an example of what