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The Sociological Imagination

As defined by C. Wright Mills, Which of the following "enables us to grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within society?
Sociological imagination
Feeling discomfort about rura Chinese society, where many generations of a family sleep in the same bed, is known as:
Sociologists and economists have shown that the benefits of higher education include higher median incomes for college graduates.
The returns to schooling
After doing some sociological math, what is the net difference between the annual earnings of the average high school versus college graduate?
about $15,000 per year
According to Randall Collins's (1979) research, the expansion of higher education is:
a result of credentialism and expenditures on formal education.
In today's society, Randall Collins might suggest that getting a "piece of paper" is more important to many than actually having the knowledge to do a job. He calls the priority placed on formal education:
A family, as a group of people living together sharing individual stories, makes up a(n):
Social institution
Which of the following sociologists developed the theory of positivism?
Auguste Comte
The idea that we can scientifically and logically study social institutions and the individuals within them.
All of the following are known as the three epistemological stages of human society, as explained by Comte, Except:
Which of the three historical epistemological staged of human society did Comte claim was characterized by the development of social physics to explain human behavior?
The Scientific stage
Which of the following are known as "the founding fathers of the sociological discipline"?
Durkheim,Marx, and Weber
The Marx, conflict between a small number of capitalists and a large number of workers would divide society. He referred to this large number of workers are:
Karl Marx would argue that the types of social institutions in a society were the result of the economic makeup of that society. Max Weber, however, argued that:
There are multiple influences (e.g.,religion) on how social institutions are created.
Which of the following sociologists wrote Suicide in 1897?
Emile Durkheim
According to Suicide, one of the main social forces leading to suicide is a sense of intense isolation that results from drastic changes in society. This was called:
ANOMIE (sense of aimlessness or despair that arises)
The Chicago school was a good place to study community-based social ecology. Why?
The population was rapidly growing due to foreign immigration and the influx of African Americans from the rural South.
Charles H Cooley argued that the "self" emerges from how an individual interacts with others and then interprets those interactions. He calls this:
The looking-glass self.
A white person goes into an upscale shop to look at clothes. (S)He is excited to see that there is a sale and gather huge pile of clothes to take into the dressing room. An African American goes into the store and is excited about the sale. but hesitates to take many clothes into the dressing room, afraid that staff will think he or she might shop lift. WEB Du Bois would say that the African American has:
Double consciousness
The intended purpose of desegregation of schools in the 1950's was to make education equal for everyone. What was not intended was that many racial minority teachers and principals lost their jobs. This unintended purpose was called a ____ function by functionalist theorist Talcott Parsons.
In contrast to functionalism, which modern sociological theory borrows from Marx's belief that competition, not consensus, is the essential cause of social change?
Which modern sociological theory explains social behavior by examining the meanings that social signals and signs represent to individuals?
Symbolic Interactionism