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Wife: Lou Henrey, VP: charles curtis, sec of state; henry stimson, college: amherst collegel stanford univ party: republican

before presidency

mining engineer, head of american relief comitteee, head of the commission for the relief of belgium, director of american reliefe committee, sect of commerce


agriculture marketing act, hawley smooth tarrif, stock market crash, great depression, london naval treaty, bonus march, norris-la guardia act

after pres

coordinator of the food supple for world famine. chairman of the commission on the organization of the executie branch of the government (hooer comission) `

Statees Added



1 pres asteroid name, 1 student ever at stanford, 1 repiblican to carry more than one souther state since civil war, hoverise, 75 honorary degrees, wife was pres of girl scouts of america, was an orphan as a child. gave all his income from gov to charity, last lame duck pres, proposed to his wife by cable from australia, would not take reporters questions, lived longer after the pres than any other man


hoovervilles (cardboard neighberhoods), charles lindbergh Jr. kidnapped and murdered, Star spangle bannerm Adoph hitler becomes cnhancellor of germany, summar olympics in los angeles.


chief, the great humantitarian

supreme court appointments

charles ean hughes, owen j roberts, benjamin n cardozo`






Alfred E. Smith


Andrew Mellon Sec of treasury

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