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To break down into separate parts in order to study. : An examination of the whole in order to examine its various parts.


Worried or uneasy about what might happen. : Worry about what might happen; dread.


To be in the same place or occur at the same time. : To be exactly the same; to agree. : Occurrences that seem to be related but are connected only by chance.


To make by combining. : To create or write, as a poem or a song. : To quiet or calm.


Any thin, circular object.


To hide or cover on all sides.


To be real. : To be found; to occur. : To stay alive.


Very unusual; remarkable.


To join together by or as if by melting. : A joining together.


Nothing more than; only.


To go around something in a circle; to turn around in a circle.


Any of the hard, thin plates that cover fish and certain reptiles. : A series of musical notes that go higher and higher or lower and lower. : An instrument for measuring weight. : The way size on a map or model compares with the size of the thing it stands for. : A series of steps, degrees, or stages. : To climb or climb over.


Of or having to do with the sun.


A very small amount. : A mark sign left behind by someone or something. : To follow the trail or tracks of; to locate. : To copy by following the lines of a drawing through thin paper.


Rate of movement; speed.

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