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Fire Safety Review


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If you can't put out a fire in ___ seconds it is too big and you should leave the area immediately
What are the three elements that make up the fire triangle
Oxygen, Heat, Fuel
What is a Class A fire
Ordinary Combustibles
Examples of a Class A fire
Paper, Cloth, Wood
What is a Class B fire
Flammable Liquids
Examples of a Class B fire
Oil, Gasoline, Lighter
What is a Class C fire
Energized Electical Equipment
Examples of a Class C fire
Appliances, Cords,
How do you put out a Class C fire?
Turn off all electricity then treat like a class a fire
How would you put out a Class K fire
Smother with flour baking powder
how would you shut off a main breaker the your home
unscrew individual fuses are switch off smaller breakers first then pull the meat switch or breaker
What are two types of Hazards natural gas present
Asphyxiant and explosive
How would you turn off a natural gas line
To turn off the valve use nonsparking wrench to turn the valve clockwise on quarter turn
What is the P.A.S.S Method?
Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep
Which part of the fire do you aim fire extinguisher at?
Aim at the base of the fire
What is the effective range of a fire extinguisher?
8-12 feet
List the nine steps of the CERT size up
1) Gather facts
2) Asses and communicate the damage
3) Consider probabilities
4) Asses your own situation
5) Establish priorities
6) Make decisions
7) Develop a plan
8) Take action
9) Evaluate progress