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Word Review

Resizing a Graphial image is:


Which Ribbon contains WordArt objects?


What is a combination of Keystrokes to perform a task?

Keyboard Shortcut

In the print dialog box , which area provides a user with a list of available printers?

Printer Status Bar

What is the feature that enables a user to add a statement in a document is margin about that section of the document.


The Group of commands used to create a document merge is on which ribbon?


In a document , how are changes highlighted for users to review?

In balloons containing suggestions

How do you change the width of a table column?

Drag the column border to adjust the width

The very bottom of the page in a document is called the:


Which microsoft 2010 feature marks and follows revisions made in a document by other users?

Track Changes

What is the result of using the Enter key on the keyboard?

A new paragraph begins

How do you move in a table from cell to cell?

Use the arrow, the tab key or the mouse to point and click to another cell in the table

Where does microsoft word 2010 temporarily store copied information until it is pasted elsewhere?


While in the insert hyperlink dialogbox, which command must precede an email address to identify the hyperlink as an email address link?


Which command on the view ribbon enables the document to be viewed as it would appear on a webpage?

Web layout

Explanatory comments or references that appear at the end of a microsoft word 2010 document are known as:


On the tiltle bar, which button may be selected to display only tab names rather than enitre ribbons in the word 2010 window?

Minimize the Ribbon

The row of dots between tabbed text is called a:

Dot Leader

What microsoft word 2010 feature allows users to have lists of information in horizonal and rows and vertical columns.


How do you select only a part of a table?

Select the table part using the mouse pointer and clicking on the table border

What are place holders that direct microsoft word 2010 where to insert customized information in order to create several letters in a final merged document?

Merge Fields

To save a new file or an existing file in its same storage location, which commonly used shortcut or keyboard key combination is used?


How do users switch from one ribbon to another in word 2010?

Click the tab of the ribbon the wish to access

What action is neccessary when saving a document for the first time in microsoft word 2010?

A file name must be assigned to the document

Which is NOT a category in the qucik parts Gallery that may be inserted into a document?

Quick Text

What controls the variety of fonts, colors, and other visual effects available within a document?


The very top of the page in a document is known as the:


What creates links in a document to a web page?


How do you insert rows into a table?

Select a column or row, right-click the mouse and choose Insert from the shortcut menu

How do you select an entire table?

Click the table move handle

On the View Ribbon, which command allows the document to be viewed as it would appear in a multilevel outline


Items in a merge that contains text and placeholders used to create the final merged document is called a:

Main Document

What is a combination of keystrokes to perform a task?


The positioning of graphics in a specfic place and specific line of a document is referred to as:


Which are the two types of page breaks?

Automatic and Manual

What is a graphic that appears behind text?


Which ribbon is used to effect the page background of a document?

page layout

The home ribbon in the paragraph?


Which of the following actions or commands cannot be cancelled in word 2010

printing and saving a document

Which of the following automaticlly appears based on tasks you perform, and contains commands related to changing the apperance of text in a document?

mini toolbar

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