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A Linha Curva


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A Linha Curva
The curved line
Itzik Galili
Bale da Cidade de Sao Paulo (Brasil) 2005
Rambert Premiere
Tuesday, 12 May 2009 Sadler's Wells, London
Dance style
Blend of samba, capoeira and contemporary
Choreographic approach
Itzik worked collaboratively with the dancers. Nearly all motifs were composed from improvisation.
Dancers choreographed shirt solos of their favourite moves. They had to stay within their own square.
The curved line in Portuguese.
Brazilian culture.
Celebrate Brazilian way of life and the ability to live in the moment.
Choreographic intention
To have fun.
Contradiction of the curved line title.
Regimental straight lines and vibrant Brazilian inspired movement like a samba parade.
How Brazilian men communicate with women. E.g. Tribes hunting the girls and showing off, competing with each other.
28 dancers (15 male, 14 female)
Duration /length
23 minutes
Distinct parts made up of big ensemble sections interspersed with scenes that have more of a sense of narrative and character. Key motifs that are repeated and developed.
Aural settings / accompaniment
Percossa perform the accompaniment. Includes vocal sounds and percussion. Influenced by Brazilian samba music. Played live. Dancers contribute vocally
Designed by Itzik Galili. Make and females wear black, sheer vests/ tunics with coloured zips on the front, in lines. Zips match the colour of shiny Lycra shorts/ hot pants they wear. These are wet look Lycra. 10 different colours including red, blue, yellow and green. Uniform look adds to feeling of equality in ensemble sections. Men wear metallic disc shaped collars that reflect the light for there opening.
Designed by Itzik Galili. Different coloured and timed lighting creates a chequer-board effect on stage and defines the lines and spacing for the dancers in large ensemble sections. Timing and cues for the lighting is pre-programmed and so in a way dictates the speed and pace of the dancing and music.
Performance environment / staging
End stage
Set design
Minimal set design. Aided platform at the back where Percossa perform; so they are part of the performance like in Brazilian culture, music and dance together.
Black backdrop and wings.
Black reflective dance flooring.
Wings create entrances and exits.
Skateboards are used to propel 5 dancers across the stage.