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  1. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board
  2. True
  3. Routine Governmental Action
  4. Facilitation payments
  5. US Federal Sentencing Commision
  1. a The comprehansive Crime Control Act established the U.S. Federal Sentencing Commission in 1984 by an charged it with developing uniform sentencing guidelines for offenders convicted of federal crimes. (true/false)
  2. b (FCPA) Any regular administrative process or procedure, excluding any action taken by a foreign official in the decision to award new or continuing business.
  3. c (PCAOB) is an independent oversight body for auditing companies. They were charged with maintaining compliance with established standards and enforcing rules and disciplinary procedurees for those organizations that found themselves out of compliance.
  4. d Established in 1994 by the Comprehensive Crime Control Act, charged with developing uniform sentencing guidelines for offenders convicted of federal crimes.
  5. e Payments that are accceptable (legal) provided they expedite secure the performance of a routine governmental action refers to ______.

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  1. What is the maximum term of organizational prohibition?
  2. The SEC may bring civil fines of up to _____ per violation under the FCPA.
  3. Which title protects employees of companyies who provide evidence of fraud?
  4. (FCPA) The FCPA inclusion of wording from the Bank Secrecy Act and the Mail Fraud Act to prevent the movement of funds overseas for the express purpose of conducting a fradulent scheme.
  5. The SEC can enforce criminal penalties of up to $2 million per violation of the FCPA against corporate and business entities. (true/false)

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  1. TrueAll of the following are aggravating factors of the culpability score, except:
    a) the organization willfully obstructed justice.
    b) the organization had an effective program to prevent and detect violations of law.
    c) the currrent offense violated a judicial order, injunction, or condition of probation.
    d) high-level personnel were involved in or tolerated the criminal activity.


  2. SecondaryWhat is the maximum term of organizational prohibition?


  3. MitigatingFactors that can decrease the culpability score are called _______ factors


  4. TrueIn certain cases, a judge has the discretion to impose a "dealth penalty", where the fine is set high enough to match all the organizaion's assets. (true/false)


  5. The Death PenaltyWhat is the maximum fine under FSGO