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How to use Quizlet

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Search for sets
Quizlet has over 150 million flashcard sets on hundreds of different topics that you can use to study. Search by keywords, subjects, and titles to find helpful sets on what you're learning.
Create your own sets
Add your own terms and definitions, questions and answers, and notes (whatever you are studying) to Quizlet to create a custom set. You can make your sets private or keep them public to share with others.
Use images and audio
For more context, add images that illustrate your terms. Quizlet also provides audio for 18 different languages, which means you can hear your terms and definitions as you're studying.
Learn your material easily
Use Quizlet's study modes - Learn, Cards, Write, and Test - to practice your sets effectively, in whatever way works best for you. We'll also keep track of your progress and send you study reminders.
Compete for high scores
Use Match, our timed game mode, to compete with yourself and others for the fastest time and first place spot.
Study while offline
If you're logged into the app without wifi or cellular data, you can keep studying your most recent sets and even create new ones. Once you go back online, we'll sync all your sets and your progress.
Organize using folders
Once you've created several sets, you can organize them into folders. As you search for and find sets created by others, you can add them to your folders too.
Join classes
If your teacher or friend has created a class using the Quizlet website, you can search for it and ask to join. Once they've accepted your request, you'll be able to access all the sets in the class.
Share your sets
Help your friends and classmates study better by sharing your sets and folders with them. You can share in a variety of ways, including via text message and email.
Update your info
You can update your email address, password, profile picture, and notification options in your Settings. You will also find a link to our Help Center, with more information on using Quizlet's app and website.