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Producing Monoclonal Antibodies

Selectively react with specific molecules or antigens and provide useful reagents for detecting molecules of interest
host animal
Antibodies are generated by immunizing a ~ with a foreign molecule or antigen
B lymphocytes
Cells that recognize and respond to antigens
A localized region on the surface of an antigen that is chemically recongized by antibodies; also called antigenic determinant.
Antibodies that consist of a variety of antibodies that recognize different sites on the antigenic molecule
Antibodies that recognize a single, specific epitope of an antigen of interest
test bleed
An examination of blood samples to see if the antibodies of interest exist
If the desired antibodies are being produced, the ~ is removed from the host and put in culture medium
myeloma cells
Included in culture medium and can divide indefinitely but do not produce antibodies
polyethylene glycol
PEG stands for
When PEG is added to the culture medium, some myeloma cells and antibodies fuse to form
Unfused B cells will eventually
Unfused myeloma cells and hybridomas need to be
Special medium in which unfused myeloma cells die
Clonal cultures
Wells in which all of the cells are clonal (i.e. identical) because they are all derived from a single cell
A step during which it is identified whether the desirable cell has been produced or not